Creatures not dying and ore not mining

Lately I have found a few problems the first happened the other evening in Great Cleave we were doing the Nihilo Visago. 5 of us trying to farm some gear, but every time we would get the boss down to less then 10% of his health left he would go back to full health. The next place this happened was I was farming corrupted at Fort Ramos standing on a roof top with my bow and some you would hit and they would die others you would hit and they would stay at full health unkillable with the bow. Creatures should not return to there spawn spot and go to full health instantly it should be a timer.
The other problem that I have seen all over the map is mining ore. You go to mine it, you hit ā€œEā€ and nothing happens.

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Are you saying that the mobs retreated because you were too far away?