Critical: Consumable duplicates

Rollback now!

Apparently someone already reported this exploit 2 days ago:

And he said he got banned now.
So I guess whatever…,

2 days ago and AGS did nothing, WTF!!! Just shut the game down already. I have over 1k hours IDC. I have quit games like that and never went back Cough Cough BDO.

BTW did you see all the Nerfs to Mote Nodes they did, just took them out of the game. But hey they reduced Jewelry Crafting by 10%…then took many nodes out of game. Good one.

Barri EU

I disagree, deleting the items should be a no-brainer - but so should perma-banning the dupers.


1500 owned :smiley: I see you were on shopping :smiley:


you can level WS off honing stones and make some money back… when you got thousands to unload, they tend to go cheaper.

@Luxendra please roolback

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Global on Utopia going nuts about a roll back. Ive been farming for firevine for like a week now and got it like 2hrs ago. if u roll back ill quit. I already only get limited time to play, so the gold and gear i got today is valuable.

Disable trading until you find a way to take the duped stuff out of the market. Dont mess with my fire staff

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bro there is a dupe going on and people posted screenshot of stack capped stuff everywhere and you are here trying to explain why stuff is only worth 1/10 of what it used to be…

No one cares. Rollback is needed.


Pretty sure everyone who spent time playing today cares. also who tf are u

Been through 4 dupes, they haven’t rolled back any of those. Just shut trading, ban dupers.


everyone who dupe should get perma ban


4 hours of fishing today.



i think they did.

also nooo my water market!

Still happening. Markets getting flooded with items now. Trading is still active

F nevermind.

yeah this is going to be a rough day at AGS HQ

Hey there muddyspoon, thanks for taking the time to post about this issue. I’ll get a report on this sent to the dev team so they can take a look.