Critical: Consumable duplicates

Finally some answer

Seeing this being done on a massive scale on Orun. TP needs shutdown and this time perma ban the dupers and the people that are knowingly buying duped items. People are even talking in Global right now trying to figure out what else can be duped. smh

rollback for sure

I almost gaurantee the base food, stones and incense are massively being dumped right now.

I made a post about this exact issue but actually provided information for “What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced”.

Is that problematic? My post got deleted. This was over an hour ago.

Posting details how to exploit is generally not advisable.

Definitely deleting the post is not the solution!

If there is information that should not be disclosed, then move the post to a restricted area for exclusive access only to the developers and the player who reported the issue.

That’s the basics.

Hey everyone!!

Have an update concerning this issue here: [Notice] Duplication Bug / Wealth Transfers - March 3. Please make sure to review this thread for further actions being taken on the current issue at hand.

Thank you all!