CRITICAL EXPLOIT | Assuming Guild Exploit on Ekera Server - Broken Economy & War


Was Walking on land to do somes quest and fall on my Factionnal Area Quest
Then i see X C1CADA & Alt Guild IX - Assuming in Crew a Pure Exploit bug of XP & EPIC LOOT + Harvesting

Boss spawn all 60 sec
add, between all 5/10 sec
You can fast kill lvl 44 animal cause of less armor
I test it less 1 hour to see the bonus of exploit

Im lvl 45
Take +30 000 xp in less 1h
Taking Weapon Combat 100xp all 3-6sec
In less 1h i drop 3 epic lvl 43 - 51 + Blue and Green OFC
& 1000 Leather
And i not focusing harder to see how work the exploit

How can you let them broken the game like this ???
Please Need EMERGENCY FIXE tomorow and a GUILDE REMOVE for This exploiting in organisation crew
Server EKERA

How many xp and epic did they loot ?

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They’re aware of this issue and taking their sweet time…

I’m hoping the response includes a reset of all the characters that took advantage.

I couldn’t imagine crying over items you replace the next zone over

Imagine sitting and grinding xp with friends like normal MMO’s do. They found a quick respawn and farmed. Go outside and touch grass already sheesh. Im sorry your feelings are hurt by those enjoying the game

you dont understand im lvl 45 and drop lvl 51, what about a lvl 60 here ?
What do you think about weapon grind exploit ?
Take a buff of int and drop your axe myrry. im not crying im waiting migration to play with my friend again.
is not for your inventory is for the Market and cash, please wake up Keeper of knowledge

I dont care about X or another team. My Clan reroll on a server im guildless i have no interest at all and more im already green like them ^^

You dont have good info on hand :slight_smile: whats your interest of your answered ?

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While I do agree on this aspect, exploiting needs punishment, like complete character reset to a state before any exploit started.


Haha whats a bad faith !!! you’r a funny boy
i clear all quest on all map at my range lvl and own the base mecanic of this game (playing beta since 2020)
All quest like this one or all spot like this one doesnt work like this.
The respawn is ANORMAL and its call a BUG EXPLOIT.

How many epic lvl +6 do you drop per/hour ? have fun have xp and a coffee to take this morning :slight_smile:

Imagine doing anything you like in the game and it suddenly doesnt work anymore because some other player found a way of preventing you from doing it by any means but breaking intentional game design. Is that easy enough to understand?

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Imagine a game that allows you to tag a mob for credit … oh wait, we have one. Stop crying and play

stop crying and play, you people cry about anything. Tag a mob and move along, others are deciding they dont want to run around for hours and want to sit and exp … its obvious who is new to MMO’s and who isnt. My gawd the old mmo’s you used to sit and xp … ill do the same here if I wish. Touch Grass people. PS could barely understand your typing.

its obvious who is new to MMO’s and who isnt
start mmo in 1999 lol was you born at this time ? :slight_smile:
Stop trolling :slight_smile: now

oh please, once again, can barely understand. New to MMO’s plzzzz lol

your responses are about as insightful as a dog’s breakfast, go touch grass.

What good answers. Stop crying ?
The game is all broken. It was not easier to give us lvl 60 characters full equipment and ready?
You go to that area and upload all your weapons, effort 0. The drop is disgusting and much more …
That area is from the betas. I suppose that would be for that so that the children have 0 effort to go up to lvl and take out leathers.

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I’m beginning to think you were not out grinding on normal mobs as you have been stating but instead were abusing this exploit and now are all puckered that your account might face some kind of consequence. If you did participate in the pig slaughter then your account should suffer in some way. Stand up and face the consequences of your actions. If you didn’t participate then why do you care? It has nothing to do with the way you play other than others took a short cut to get what you worked for. That should irk you some as in has an affect on an already fragile economy and other real impacts on the game.


I pull trains from undead towns and smack them to kill for xp. Similar to how deadmans works cept solo when im alone. What I do it perfectly legal, already been told so. You thought wrong. Sorry to disappoint.

Biggest issue of this farm is that it ruined the leather market, in my opinion.

People gonna hit 60 and get their weapon experience regardless.

The stuff that’s being farmed in the 60 - 65 zones is way more egregious in terms of what kind of gear people are getting off of it.

None of it matters because the loot system in this game is Diablo-esque where you will be doing the same thing if you want to continue playing the game in end game, chasing the perfect rolls on gear then not really having anything to do with the gear itself until a content drop.

The way this effected the leather market, though, is something that extends across the entire playerbase.


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