[Critical issue] Customer Service / Support / Appeal feedback

Some of the gear for it can go for 100k because it wasn’t in game until recently and the drops are still rare even with the “PvP buff”.

It isn’t just about materials. You need trophies. Crafting gear. Trophies which currently can’t be traded and food buffs.

Then when automated bans hit these crafter or other companies mass report them it can cripple a company.

its the day after thanksgiving and literally we havent gotten any responses from AGS on anything important. And you’re correct the way this post was formatted with evidence used to forum arguments against AGS, it was so well written with constructive criticism that has hit the top page and yet they choose to ignore it. it is truly baffling.

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Hey man, that’s cool that you have your own view point of the whole thing and I respect that.

If you don’t abide by the Code of Conduct, you will be penalized.

But if you’re not going to read the whole thing, please don’t post. I mentioned about the exact same thing on my original post. And just a reminder that we are not in the General Discussion, rather in the Feedback forum.

Unfortunately what they end up providing are the same privacy data files that I posted, which anyone can request; the AmazonGames.Moderation.Penalties.csv files, which tells you the generic reason, such as “Abusive Language”, “Cheating” or “Hacking”, but it will not have the context of the ban.

Kyrusha, that’s horrendous and it’s just another piece of evidence that the moderation team does not bother reviewing or reading the ban and their appeals.

@Niboshu yea man the post is very long, sorry about that! I knew that when I started drafting, but there’s so much stuff going around, so many wrong things that I couldn’t leave it out.

@Consig thank you, that’s basically the TL;DR version. I’m going to flag your post as a “Solution” :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for that!

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Have my report of a botter being responded to with a ban appeal denial.

I added some other stuff, other peoples threads etc to my thread here;

I’m no longer going to be updating that thread, all my friends have given up due to our treatment by “Customer Service” and the “Appeals Team”, so I have given up too.

Thank you for making such a comprehensive and cohesive post @Dedaoff <3


I suggest making a backup of this post, considering the amount of screenshots, is very likely the “customer support” will get offended and hide it as they did with mine.


I mean, most of their emails they dont even bother signing it or if they do, they sign with someone else’s alias, as I have shown.

@stykyt I knew I’ve read it before. Not sure if I added on my list, but yea I’ve head of people that made a Report Ticket and got a reply that their ban was reviewed and would not be unbanned. It’s ridiculous at this point. I’ll make sure I add that one to the list.

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My issue with support is when ever I make a ticket. some of the time the devs say it will be fix with in 48 hours or they leave chat. So I had an issues with getting my gold rage armor in my twitch inventory. Contracted them they told me we can help you in 48 hour I waited out same thing again. So I do their survey. They want me to call so I do it. Its goes like this Amazon support > Tier 2 support > Manager > AGS support > Tier 2 AGS support> AGS “Manager” ( sounded like the same dude making deeper voice) >,… 2hrs and 30mins later “Game Dev” new world tier 1 support. Then told they would resolve it in 48 hours… I even did a post on the forums here. Same thing Did not recieve "Golden Rage" Armor Skin from Closed Beta Twitch Drop Event - #95 by Cathulhu Make a list support ticket they are like lol you never claimed it on the site so lol we cant do anything…

Then my experience with reporting Bots nothing happens ingame so I made a web ticket they close it don’t even look at the evidence and tell me to report them in game.

Stuff like this start making me care less and less about the game. If it keeps up I will probably quit within a week or so if they don’t care about thing like bots,exploits, or people that cheat why should I care about the game. Sorry me just venting here.


My account was banned 2 weeks ago. Today I made a 3th appeal and received an email from Amazon with this message:“I have created a ticket to investigate the account further, upon my inspection I see no active penalties. Should the appropriate team see no penalties they will work towards getting the account unbanned.”

To my surprise I can reply on the forum again, which I couldn’t for 2 weeks. But my account is still banned. Hope that some real person will look into my case and unban my account.

daily bump

Banned for no reason - 7+ web tickets - livechat support 30 tries - logs still not reviewed - #111 by razoroza

we asked for AGS to show us players evidence when handing out bans and then we got another copy and paste response.zzz

We have a user on our server (Folkvangar ) who led mass reports when his main account was on our server, then transferred off and literally bought multiple copies of the game to spam lvl 1 alts on our server to mass report people he didn’t like.

He admits to “having a list” and daily dms players of our faction on that list harassing them and spamming reports, to which we have all consistently been receiving flags or temp bans even though we have notified support numerous times.

Just a snapshot below of the messages his alts (ALL LEVEL 1 ACCOUNTS) have sent to members in the past few days alone.

edit: formatting

Harassment on Folkvangar - Imgur (1)
Harassment on Folkvangar - Imgur (2)

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They won’t really do anything.

When they do unban wrongly punished people they have the attitude that they are doing them a favor.

I’m going to stick around until my ticket is resolved just so I can post the death march that it is/was with it’s conclusion.

After that I’m yeeting NW off my Steam Library from the account page so that I’m not tempted to do free bug tracking for the devs in what can only be described as:


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I think that’s well said and here is another recent example of “we don’t discuss on forums”, while clearly some do:

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Just posting a response to everyone to say EU GDPR applies to EVERYONE not just residents of EU.

Because Amazon operates in the EU they are necessarily subject to it and have to have parts of the regulation based in their Privacy Policy.

Long story short: anyone and I mean ANYONE can gain access to their personal data by making a request under the GDPR and the Amazon Privacy Policy. Don’t remember the exact section number.

Source: I’m a lawyer IRL

I wrote a smaller less organized article of my experience as well. It shows very apparent negligence on the moderations behalf as well as the overall contradictory behavior that seems to be present in everyone’s support experience.

Almost banned for an entire month now.

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Holy molly,

receiving 7 different types of bans, it’s outrageous. It’s like not even they know why they banned you and don’t care to look into it.

Saw that you made an update on your post. Did you get any replies yet?

Just got this image from a Reddit thread

They permanent banned someone under “moderate confidence” that he duped.

No, it doesn’t.

Per the EU:

The GDPR applies to:

  1. a company or entity which processes personal data as part of the activities of one of its branches established in the EU, regardless of where the data is processed; or
  2. a company established outside the EU and is offering goods/services (paid or for free) or is monitoring the behaviour of individuals in the EU.

Amazon Game Studios is a US based company and GDPR will only apply where it processes personal data in the EU or where it processes the data of people in EU. Regions other than EU are not covered by GDPR, unless the people playing are playing from the EU.

A US resident playing on a US region server is not covered by GDPR.

I question your credentials and motives if you’re trying to convince people otherwise.

Actually Mr. Internet troll.

The precise question of law is “Does the EU GDPR allow non-EU residents to invoke a GDPR request on Amazon?”

If we look at your post you plainly EU GDPR will apply “where it processes the data of people in EU”.

If you look at the example provided it states the regulations will apply where" . . .a company established outside the EU and is offering goods/services (paid or for free) or is monitoring the behaviour of individuals in the EU."

Further if you read the example provided it states the regulations will apply where the company is " . . . established outside the EU." but “. . . targets mainly Spanish and Portuguese language universities in the EU”

Here is Art. 13 of the GDPR which relates to the information an entity subject to the EU GDPR must provide to a person when requested.

Here is Art. 15 of the GDPR which provides you with a right of access.

The definition of a data subject which means “an identified or identifiable natural person” Art.4(1).

With regard to a data subject, Recital 14 of the EU GDPR makes clear that “the protection afforded by this Regulation should apply to natural persons, whatever their nationality or place of residence, in relation to the processing of their personal data.”

Lastly, Art.3 which basically restates your link.

Here, because AGS is offering a service to EU residents, AGS must comply with the EU GDPR requirements on data processing, privacy and access to data (as linked above). This is because AGS (i) is a foreign entity, (ii) offers services (i.e. a video game) to EU residents (both inside and outside the EU) and (iii) monitors the behavior (i.e. telemetry data, usage statistics etc… while using New World) of residents inside and outside the EU.

Accordingly, where an EU resident is playing on a US region server hosted by AGS, Seattle (for the sake of argument) then AGS, Seattle must comply with EU GDPR requirements on access to data and personal privacy, regardless of (i) there being US residents on the server; (ii) the server being located in the US; (iii) the company’s domicile (i.e. where the company is located).

Indeed, because AGS processes the personal data of data subjects in the EU, and EU Citizens located outside the EU, AGS is required to comply with EU GDPR obligations and you are entitled to invoke your rights under the law.

In addition to the above, and taking into account Recital 14, the regulation makes clear the the scope of the regulation applies to any natural persons (i.e. not a body corporate; i.e. not a company) “whatever their nationality . . .”. This theory is further supported by Recital 1 which sets out data protection as a “fundamental right”.

Therefore, because AGS is subject to the EUGDPR (by virtue of processing the data of EU Residents) and because the EUGDPR has been interpreted to apply to any ‘natural persons’ without regard to their nationality then it necessarily follows that a US citizen, residing in the US, playing on a US server can indeed invoke the EUGDPR for access to data.

And if we want to get super nitpicky by the way, most mega-conglomerates and financial institutions like Amazon, AGS, J&J, Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, JP Morgan, BoFA or any other listed company bake the EUGDPR into their privacy policies to avoid liability for being out of compliance with the regs.