[Critical issue] Customer Service / Support / Appeal feedback

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There SHOULDN’T be any punishment for offensive language and/or behavior. This is a damn game. Political corectness is dumb.

My case was similar. I received 7 days ban for “hacking”. When I asked what I exactly did to be labeled as hacker they responded to me that they can’t disclose that information to me. I’ve appealed 3 times and finally got unbanned after 3 days but their customer service calls for gods redemption. But the best is yet to come. After I asked for compensation for 3 day wrongful ban they told me that my compensation is that I got unbanned and there wont be additional compensation. Can you believe that?


for $500m i could design a game on the moon.

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You hit the nail on the head with this post. Great work!

Fortunately, I have not had to deal with anything like this, so for those who have, I can not begin to imagine the frustration you’ve gone through.

I’ve said on a few posts I do enjoy New World but AGS really needs to step up their game (for the sake of the topic in question this is in terms of player/customer satisfaction) if they truly mean what they say regarding the future and longevity of the game along with player retention, a vast improvement in how customer service handles interaction with the player base is sorely needed.

Again, this was a great post, with lots of constructive feedback.

I’d like to imagine if YOU did the audit, they’d probably be like, well fuck.


TLDR; Don’t joke nor even discuss gold sellers. Help others in the game, don’t troll chat by joking about ridiculous things. Just help others that are asking questions and don’t use sarcasm when others are really in need of receiving help.

If you don’t abide by the Code of Conduct, you will be penalized.

With respect, that’s not the TLDR; of the post at all. People cannot get the basic support that every game should be able to provide. Players are asking for a better system. When you are the one affected, you will understand the frustration. It can happen, completely randomly, with no escape or way to appeal. There are hundreds if not thousands of posts all over the forums/reddit/steam community.

Everyone should be in favor of changes because if/when it is you, you’d want a working system that allows you to appeal, and prove your innocence which is not currently the case.


So our Company leader got Permo banned and they refused to listen to him. Stating unauthorised software was detected. After days of appealing, they still won’t listen.

So he did a GDPR request that AGS legally have to respond too. Within this request, he got the reason for his ban that they “would not discuss”.

The Unortharised software was tied to Razor Synapse and a Key that’s used to complete macros. So if you use Razor Synapse and have Macros. You could get Permabanned.



I shared my experience with the OP. But basically agree 100%.

Live Chat support is AMAZON support. Like the Amazon that we all order products from, not AGS. I’m quite sure New World “live Chat” would be better equipped to track my package than to deal with actual issues related to new world.

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Three of my clanmates, one is the governor and another is the consul, were permabanned for '‘cheating’ and ‘abusive behaviour’. One of the guys had 130k coin collected through so many quests, OPR, Invasions and selling stuff. Multiple appeals, not a single answer. Their customer service is a joke. The forum post I created was locked by dev with no answer, then was unlocked for a troll to post something on cheating, then was locked again. I don’t understand.


Yes, the Support is 100% the Amazon normal CS the same CS team that asked me to try and electrocute myself when I had a faulty leaking Humidifier.
Me “My humidifier is leaking at its base. Water is getting into the circuit board and leaking out from where the power cable is connected. I hear water sloshing around inside where it should not be”
Amazon CS “Can you try using a different cable and see if it works”
Me “No the cable is fixed to the device and I’m not plugging in something that has water where the electrics are”
Amazon CS “can you plug it in any way so we can troubleshoot the issue”
Me " what part of the water is in the circuitry and leaking out where the power cable goes in don’t you understand. There is no way in hell I’m plugging this thing back in".

If that level of CS is what you get when dealing with amazon CS for their Webstore. I 100000% believe most of the posts and issues people are having. I won’t trust Amazon CS to fluff my pillow let alone provide CS. I mean its hard to when they literally wanted me to electrocute myself lol

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I am afraid that I will launch my game one day and I will have been banned for no reason…

I don’t want to lose my account. I am thinking that I will stop playing the game until they will fix the autoban system and their customer support…

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Holy shit, i just learned a few ways to get banned 0.o , some are rlly dumb reasons wdym u cant gamble ingame using /dice? tf? little things like this are a huge turn down…


Player uses a game mechanic.
Player bets gold for fun
Player gets banned.


Edit: gave up on reading ( my tea ran out). but yes as far as i got , i agree that AGS needs to get their BAN shit together, WDYM you ban a guy just having fun and you give gold dupers a tap on the wrist, are you out of your … sigh

If you are 100% sure your ban is unjustified and you live/play within the EU. File a GDPR request. They legally have to respond to it or face millions in fines and that will have to include all data and information on your ban. Any and all data collected and held on you will have to be supplied to you.

But by the looks of it you only have 1 day to wait so you have to decide if it’s worth the effort. they have 30 days to respond so a lot longer than 23 hours lol.


To add my own story:

I have been banned twice for verbal abuse even though I don’t ever say anything that could ever be considered egregious or offensive in-game. Even when I swear it’s not directed at people, If I die I’ve said the odd ‘fuck me’ in a dungeon party or if someone got a loaded dice I’ve been trying to get for a week I’d say ‘fuck off hahaha’ in company chat.

Despite this as I said I’ve received two 24 hours bans. One more and I’m out. I’ve made my peace with the fact taht I will probably lose my account very soon for something completely outside of my control. At least I’ll have closure of not having to touch this utterly horrendous game again.

Anyway back to the main story.

After these two bans I received a popup in-game saying my account has been ‘flagged’ not banned, but ‘flagged’, for abusive behaviour or something like that.

I submitted a ticket only to be told I needed to submit a ticket 2 days later. I basically asked what are you talking about I DID submit one, to be told that only the moderation team can investigate bans. I asked why this team is receiving my tickets if they can’t even look into them.

I received an e-mail 3 days later from the moderation team stating that the original measures taken were a mistake and my ‘permanent ban has been removed’. I was NEVER permanently banned and still don’t have an answer as to why my account was even flagged.

The ‘moderation team’ are just as completely horrendous as the customer service team and they either have no idea what they’re doing or they just make shit up on the spot.


This is by far the best and most detailed post on this forum. I stuck until the end and is was well worth it.


Congratulations :partying_face:


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I highly doubt though that AGS will actually listen to this and will have a collective change of perspective/corporate culture.

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You typed this a little too well while citing the evidence. good job hopefully AGS reads the whole thing and looks into the evidence instead of disregarding it because almost all of it came from reddit

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how has this not got even a single Community moderater respons yet. im actuall rather shocked this was just an amazing post

It’s a joke honestly I have friends banned for multiple for these things including my mate who was our company leader 4 hours before war along with one of our consuls.

I also experienced this with a warning having almost never used in game chat it was amusing. I have attached a link to my forum post as well as the responses from amazon.

I requested my data from amazon after then being told it was the only way to see the information on why I was flagged. When I finally got this and opened the Excel spreadsheet the box ‘penatlyContext’ where they put the evidence it has been left blank so they ‘reviewed’ my evidence saw there wasn’t any so just tried to cover their own ass rather than remove it.