[CRITICAL] Make attribute points determinable on all gear

It would be awesome if, for example, I can determine which attribute I want to slab on my heavy/medium/light voidbent gear, or any gear that drops really.

Sometimes I’d have a really great item dropping, but due to its’ attributes, it’s absolutely garbage and unusable/unsellable.

Also, when crafting Orichalcum weapons and armor, I think we should have the ability to determine both attributes and one perk (other 2 perks and gem slot can be random), having to choose ONLY one thing and get all of the rest randomized is just not making it worthwhile to gamble with Aasmodeum/phoenixweave/runic leather.

Update: After reading recent patchnotes, I went through the topics I posted and saw this one… crafting seems even more useless than it ever was. Taking a break from NW was the right decision, it will extend for more patches to come.

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