Critical mistake: PVE/PVP balance

EVERY single MMO I have played to date that has not separated PVP stats/bonuses from PVE has caused resentment to their PVE community.

While the game is still young I implore the AGS gods that be to start creating that system. One which allows devs to tweak stats specifically for only one game mode without changing balance in the other.

The best and most transparent way I have seen this done was in Everquest 2. They implemented a little checkbox on skills and gear. It would show you their respective PVE or PVP values. Simple and much less obtrusive to the end-user.

Balance can never be perfect with ANY change, however this will cause far less problems when a skill or piece or gear proves to be an outlier only in one game mode.

Oh lifestaff heals for way too much in PVP. But fine in PVE. Alright lets just lower this healing value by x amount in PVP only. Then the player can click the checkbox to see the difference.

Transparency is a wonderful thing.


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