Critical Respawn Bug - Entropy




Well, people are reaching 600 watermarks on their weapons and starting to drop lazarus legendaries, so the appeal of weaponsmithing is dropping rapidly… well, thanks for the opportunity to use my craft when it was needed, much appreciated.

Seriously, who the hell takes three months to fix a critical boss? And if that’s really that much trouble, couldn’t have anyone taken the five minutes to add the weaponsmithing pants to a droplist of ANYTHING else?


BUMP … it needs to be fixed

bump, please fix

Bump again and again and again

I actually made my company camp the boss at server reset last night so I managed to get a kill of Entropy. It felt special. An occasion, almost.

Nobody of us got the pants. Back to waiting for another downtime now.

Seriously, fix this already. Bump.


New patch, no fix.

Bump again and again and again and again

This is a fucking joke

They added it last minute!

also the big boss uptop does not spawn either all bosses in this pace are respawn bugged
maby they fixed it in the background and not anounced it atleast i hope thats the case

I hope the fix is not only for Pants to drop but also spawn of the Boss itself i.e. Entropy and Mal (upstairs).

same man

if it just for the pats, they are trolling us

well they did mentioned Entropy spawn bug is getting fixed and should be released with this patch, lets see if it really is…

Your best in slot weapons are always going to be crafted. The crafting system just sucks as you’ll waste so much.

Well, fair enough, but let’s for example look at Fury, the hammer from lazarus. It has keen, vicious and keenly empowered, which does look like either BiS, or very close to it, to me. Once someone drops that, he will never ask me for a craft again, will he =/.

Anyway, to not derail the topic too much, the malevolence bosses are indeed fixed. I am camping entropy now, no luck on the pants so far.

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maybe because he’s not drop pant it and still bugged right? and it’s very late now… so much time spend for basics issues.

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