Cross Region Transfer or Character sync

So I realize that there probably aren’t many that share these problems but hear me out.

I live in Europe but I am from Australia, as such pretty much all my gaming friends are back in Australia. I have a character on a AP Southeast server so I can play with my australia friends. Due to me being in Europe my Ping is awful (nothing you can do about that) but as a result the game lags terribly. I don’t mind it thought when I am playing with friends. However I would love to be able to play lag free when I am playing solo. As there isn’t really any “need” for me to be playing on the Asia Pacific server.

So with that in mind the most ideal solution would be if there was a way to easily transfer your character between regions or “sync” your trade skills and weapon mastery levels. I personally wouldn’t mind if you couldn’t take any of your gear, materials or gold (lets be honest if you could that wouldn’t be fair.

To work around this “problem” I have 2 separate characters, 1 in Euro Central server and one in Asia Pacific South East, but it means I had to grind up to the same levels on my 2nd character, it would be AMAZING if I could just “sync” my skill and weapon levels whenever I wanted to play with friends in Australia (or solo on my local euro server).

I doubt such a feature will ever even be considered but just throwing it out there,
It could also be useful for other players that are perhaps travelling a lot and wish to play without extreme lag. Also when I mean extreme lag, the most annoying thing is that the weapon animations are sooooooo slow, melee is basically unplayable with lag or high ping, so I stick to Lifestaff as it’s less painful. Also, any climbing or jumping is really bad with lag, but I’m sure everybody knows that.

Anyways just some food for though, if anybody else has a need for this type of feature I’d like to hear about it.

PS awesome work on the game so far, I know there’s been lots of issues but I have been enjoying it.

TLDR: It would be amazing if you could sync progress (weapon mastery and trade skills only) to characters on different regions so you can play with friends in other regions but also play solo in local region without super high ping (lag)

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