Cross Server for World Sets

How to make sense of what it is, and should be (PRO):

  • While in towns
  • While in the Home that you own, and can visit other player houses from your house.
  • While creating a party and running an INSTANCE (PVE or PVP)
  • Quest Party finder - Enable teleport to each players server in the party to quest together.
    **NOTE **The CrossServer play would only work on the same server World Set *

Caveat (CON)

  • Leaving a party would return you back to home server.
  • Respawn on death would return you back to home server. (except during instanced activities, in which case you would respawn inside if possible, otherwise sent back to home server with option to teleport back to instance.)
  • Inn recall returns you back to home server recall point.
  • Trading or sending gold CrossServer wouldn’t be allowed. (Unless AGS gave CrossServer Trade for the World Set.)

Example: The following picture shows in GREEN which World Sets my character can use Cross Server connectivity on. Anything with RED would denote World Sets that I can not access since they are part of a different World Set

Did I miss any features?


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I think eventually people will have to accept that it simply is not possible to maintain population balance on numerous servers or especially faction balance. My own server’s global chat for the past week is all drama because all the yellows are leaving our server after purple took everything back after they had it for awhile. We’ve had multiple big companies leave for whatever reason. Our server is now very purple dominant but overall a much smaller population than we used to have.

Mergers may work for some servers, but ultimately, your playerbase will never be perfectly distributed and cross-server options will either have to happen or you’ll keep playing population wack-a-mole and never really succeed at getting the populations where they should be, let alone faction balance.

People being able to play the game should take priority and cross-server grouping is the best solution since you can pull from your entire playerbase across the entire game in order to find people doing whatever activity it is you want to do.

In this game because of the territory system, you may want to limit cross-server world groups to PvE only groups so that people on another server can’t participate in throwing a territory into conflict on your server. I think that would be the only major issue with cross-server grouping in world content in this game.

Cross-server Outpost Rush should be the first thing to happen and should happen ASAP so that people who want to PvP have something to do regardless of the population situation on their current servers.


Did we lose too much population for people to see threads… Nah must be more important topics people are replying to I guess

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