Cross server war match making

The only reason most players are still playing are OPR and war. And majority of those that left is because they lost their territory and the entire clan just quit together because pushing influence for hours just for 30min content is just not worth it.

My suggestion on how this going to work is every day there is slot available on the WAR MATCH MAKING UI. Company can then book the date, time and attacking or defending. War will work exactly the same as the real war but need to be cross server so that we wont be fighting the same people over and over again.

If you to this, I can guarantee that a lot of companies going to come back and have 1-2 war every day.


@21x thanks for your feedback and transparency! We’ve noted this and a report was sent to our team from another thread concerning the implementation of cross-server wars. We’re always looking for ways to improve the game and we find these comments helpful. I proceeded to add this feedback here to the report we created.

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