Crowd control balance vs Rapier

Good call

FnF “Push back” from PTR vs lmb standard push ladies and gentlement

@Delakron @Aenwyn @Zin_Ramu @Fenne

not that it matters. Just leave the stagger on flourish at least.

I would like to thank dummychicc whoever he/she is for helping with this material.


Agreed. Didn’t see this before I made a separate post and elaborated on it -


lol what the hell… Thanks for posting this.

You are welcome friend

Updated first post.

Where’s the blood enjoyer @Pointe

I think you will be concerned about these changes. Unless you don’t play rapier anymore.

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Final nail in the coffin for blood tree lol.

Vacuum-sealed box thrown in the ocean mate.

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It was already lame, they took it out back and finished it off :sob:

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Yup. Blood tree got whacked.

At least we can enjoy that 1 bleed stack from flurry before getting cced right after and killed.



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And another one

we won

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Flurry is still cheeks tho. So is Tondo.