Crowd Control diminishing returns, when?

@Luxendra Along with removing expertise system, this would be one of the best ways to court returning players. It was supposed to be on the ptr, so when is this coming? Maybe not full immunity, but at least a 35% decrease in CC length after 1 or 3 hits with CC damage.

I noticed it in the PTR. There are a quite a few combos that you cant fully complete anymore on the PTR. The biggest one is Shockwave>Wrecking ball>Armor Breaker. I did have one piece of freedom but usually you can land that combo easily in live.

I just read they improved freedom from 7.8 to 10 per perk, so maybe its just working 15% better now? I can currently just barely riposte sns combos 75% of the time, so a buff to freedom and I could see lots more being able to spam dodge or whatever and have it land.

Im reading the notes now to see if theres anything about this being added in…

When? A month ago.


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