Cry from the heart

Good afternoon / evening Uv. Administration! You constantly have some kind of problems after the update, just like yesterday after the update, they fell so today you handed out a lot of gold! I personally have not received anything from you, neither gold nor clothes on HARVESTING !!! HOW MUCH IT IS POSSIBLE TO ENDURE FROM YOU THERE IS NO NORMAL COMPENSATION IN THE GAME ONLY ONLY PROBLEMS! WHY ORDINARY PLAYERS SHOULD SUFFER FROM YOU, WHO HAVE NEVER BROUGHT ANYTHING WITH YOU AND EVEN CANNOT RECEIVE ADEQUATE COMPENSATION !!!
I play on the server EU Central

sorry for bad english

Hello @PlushK0

I understand that you haven’t your compensation. This is because some problems we were encountering and it’s been put on hold. Over here you can find the official updaye from Tosch: [Downtime] All Regions November 23rd 11:00pm PT/ November 24th 8:00am CET - #5 by Tosch

Once this have been resolved, it will be posted on that same thread.

Have a great day ahead!

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