Crying about patch 1.1

I see so much players crying i think i’m in a nursery.

The patch is great, the game is going in a good direction, devs actually listen to the community, and the good part, not the loudy ones.

Have yet to see the how the meta will change in pvp with the new gauntlet and buffs/nerfs.
Still i would rate the patch 8.5/10

Best part is the linked TP second is PvP flag buff. At least there is some usefullness in being flagged at 60, and we saw some foght over myrkgard between us (covenant) and the Syndicate
Even though we lost it was real fun and chaotic to see it turn into a 50v40 inside 60+ elites zones.

I’m happy to see them take drastic measure like going +30% gathering luck and +10% luck, and not some meaningless numbers.
Only the +10% move speed on roads feels underwhelming.

Wp devs keep going. Haters gonna hate



Agreed. Good job devs, love the direction and the the positive post. Post more like this!

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This is a big LOL from me bois. I understand the devs wanted to provide an incentive to flag, but the way they did it is wrong.

You wear the gear that outfits you for what you intend on doing. If you intend on doing PvP wear PvP gear. If you intend on doing myrk runs and farming chests, wear loot gear. If you intend on mining orch, wear mining gear.

The simple fact that a PvP player now can wear their PvP gear and never have to change it, is absurd. As a PvE player I still have to change my gear every single time I want to mine, craft, loot a chest, harvest, skin, or log.

So… how was this a step in the right direction?


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You’re complaining about people that complain about changes in a feedback forum. Maybe post your irony here: General Discussion - New World Forums

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