Culling Burn stats bug

The named hatchet “Culling Burn” which is obtained in Genesis is bugged and only give 15 strenght with 600GS.

Welcome to the New World forum community, Heextremo. What is your character name and server name?

Character name: Heextremo
Server name: Dry Tree

There are many new hatchets added with the BS patch with this problem. I also made a post in the “bug” section of the forums, still no response on it.

Thanks for providing this information!

Thanks for letting me know about this, JustinJr. Could you please reply with a link of your thread so I can get this checked into?

Culling Burn is currently fixed in PTR.

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There are 4 I know of, Static Shock and Culling Burn I see are fixed. The other 2 are Mystic Sting from Depths and Agonizer from Barnacles. I’m unsure if there are others from different mutations.

Thanks for letting me know!

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