Curious - Is this acceptable behavior or not, as per the CoC?

I don’t think I’m the villain here, but I’m not sure if this is maybe considered common practice nowadays, and maybe I’m wrong? Dunno. You tell me.

TLDR version: I just came back to playing, joined a Genesis group from global, 1k fee.

Guy takes his payment when we enter, but then they exploit over the first boss’ locked door. By the time I realize what’s happening, and say I’m not getting left behind (cuz I’m not doing it), they vote kick me out of the group, then they try to find another sucker in global.


Video documentation here (including timestamps and player names in the notes): Exploiters / Expedition Orb Fee Thieves - Caught on Camera - YouTube

This post says Rule 1 in the Code of Conduct is to Treat others they want to be treated. Getting my money stolen then getting vote kicked for not participating in an exploit kinda feels like not the way I’d like to be treated? lol.

Rule 3? Play fair. idk, is this fair?

It’s really not about the gold. You can see my inventory when I open it and I made like 5k or something on the way there. Just doesn’t give ya good feels to know people like this run around with no recourse.

What do you think?

Answer: It’s definitely against the CoC to take your gold and then votekick UNLESS they informed you before you paid that they were skipping the first boss.

Addendum to Answer: AGS doesn’t give a single, solitary (you know what) about individual instances of CoC because they have so many other pressing issues.

Btw 1k for a Genesis buy in seems a tad steep imo.

I hope you have better experiences in the future with the community though, seriously. Scum like these guys are what’s going to kill the game by driving casuals away.

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