Current Extreme Lag (High input latency)

Hi @Hunden

Thanks alot ! I actually bought a subscription at first of NordVPN, tried connecting first through my own city, then random spots all over the EU, from UK, to france, to germany, to poland, to netherlands. Then same with a trial of Express VPN, each one of these always increased ping by 100 or more milliseconds. Without a doubt connecting direct provided best latency / ping.

I have a very bad connection to north america, we dont have any direct link. the fact that there is data coming from a US-based amazon server (s3 bucket) is most likely behind the lag problem.

Currently, there is a new server game is connecting to since this new round of lag started. and is causing the lag right now, something called AWS global accellerator, screenshot below:


Thanks for your time & appreciate you guys looking into this. Hope my findings can assist in some small way to make the game playable again.


Whatever data is coming from the “Us west s3 bucket” or now from the globalaccelerator server, please can you suggest to team that they rather host this data on a EU based server instead.

Hi @loomy69!

Thanks for the quick response!

They help a lot for sure, I have been communicating your information to the team and hopefully it helps them.

Also what if you connect with the VPN to any US West based server, the ping should increase but what about the input lag? Does it stay consistent?

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currently lag stopped about an hour ago, but next time i get it, fingers crossed not soon, will test out connecting via US, and report back

Hi @Hunden !

It is same problem, higher ping yes, but game is always semi playable, right until the secondary connection opens up and starts sending extreme amounts of data (the US-west s3 bucket or globalaccelerator, never both). Basically what is happening, this “secondary” connection is taking up all of the networks capacity and “threads” taking full priority, resulting in the primary connection of the game to the server to take a back seat, and effectively be interrupted until whatever data dump from this secondary server is done. But its an ongoing thing.

The only way that i can see this being fixed is to prevent that secondary connection from opening at all, or giving the primary connection to EU server full priority. Also no data should be streamed or sent from a different continent, its always going to be a problem and aversely affect performance.

Can we ask what is this data that is coming from the US-west s3 bucket ? Can we not just have that data downloaded and accessed locally ?

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Hope you are good.

I’m starting to think that this issue is closely related to this post made by Luxendra.

Seems like everything you’ve told me and the information on the post kinda go together, but I will DM you real quick in order to ask you some extra information.

I will also inform the team of all the new information once again. :slight_smile:

Take care!

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you are from china, arent you?

south africa

Hello @Hunden ;

The issue is not related to how the “simulation” runs on the servers, best I can tell - it’s related to the distributed load processing architecture in use via AWS, as now thousands of posts have all identified, both here in this thread and numerous others.

This is the problem, when packets are being sent via all the noted routing:

As the client waits for packets, you get:

  • massive and constant rubberbanding
  • repeatedly kicked out of crafting stations (and have to set up the jobs over, and over again)
  • repeatedly kicked out of the Trade Post (and have to search and setup buy/sell orders over, and over again)
  • running missions is an exercise in futility and fist pounding frustration
  • PvP is out of the question, total waste of time to even attempt

THE GAME IS UNPLAYABLE FOR THOUSANDS OF YOUR CUSTOMERS - and by and large, AGS has been totally silent as to the cause and the ETA of a fix.

This undeniably does NOT live up to the core organizing principle of Amazon - Customer Obsession.

I would like to see an acknowledgment of the issue, and a clear and hopefully rapid path to having it resolved.

To put this in “Amazonian”: your dev team needs to deep dive this issue today, determine and remove any barriers to resolution, and setup a cadence of communications with the customer to keep them aware of progress.

I look forward to your response,


this is actually pathetic as fuck… I posted about this issue back before I left to clean up hurricane IDA 2+ months ago… I just got back and decided to try and see if the issue was ever fixed and it hasnt been LOL. Good stuff Amazon, just shut your servers down and give up.

After the severe non stop lag all of yesterday since launch of patch, I found a possible workaround for now to stabilize latency to a large extent, - not a permanent fix, there is still the occasional jitter, but game is playable for me again. Could this possibly be one of the contributing factors, if not the cause of lag we are experiencing… Made a post here.

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Nice job @loomy69, my question here is… why all connections go to the ports 80 or 443? New world are using WebSockets protocol? Why dont use the AAA industry Standard RUDP protocol?

I create a rule to block all connection from the ip range to from NewWorld.exe and a get this:

What this mean? somehow the pings are wrong (BUG) and this will make the client to use a wrong servers connections… in this case the US West… and not the EU Central…

@Hunden can you show this to the dev team?
merry christmas

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Hi @Hunden

Everything has been smooth for last week, since i assumed i fixed the problem by blocking the gamecrashuploader.exe

What ever happened on your side (ie: server, or any client background updates) between this morning CET 10am and now has brought all the lag back, and these US-West connections, theres now two of them, and lag is worse than its been before. Not sure if you guys can remedy the situation, everything was perfect this morning ,and been perfect for days. now these US-west connections - theres 2 of them and they are effectively bombarding me with data or packets resulting in denial of service).

Regarding Sixblue post above is there a similar iprange we could block that would be relevant to EU.

This is from 5 minutes ago:

Merry Christmas to you and the Team ! Best wishes (top of them being no more lag :smiley: ) for the year ahead !

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same here. i literally can’t even play the game because of random 2k lag spikes that span over 2-5 minutes. Never happened until about 3 days ago.

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Im using TCPView to check all connections (you can donwload from microsoft official site, dont need to install).
Then use one site to check the location and other to check the ip address…
Finally block all conections to the newworld.exe
have the ips (i use this site) ( (
Then block all range in and out (only for the NewWorld.exe)

maybe this help to track the problem.

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Thanks for the tips, i need to try and find out what the right IP ranges to block are for EU players

@Hunden again mate I am getting spammed by this US-west connection. Why does this keep happening ???

I play on europe server, why does the game keep getting massive amounts of data incoming from the west coast of america ? what is this data, my HDD reports 10mb/sec writing during this, what is going on, please help us understand why this keeps happening ? Can the devs add some code to block these connections, or any connection outside of the game servers region ?

Hi again @loomy69!

I hope you are doing well!

  1. I have no clue which data gets send from the US West server, I’m still trying to research what could be the possibilities but I might ran into some information that I can’t release because of certain policies, but I will still try to research more about it.

  2. I will inform the devs again of this weird connection happening, I know we’ve being going at it for a while but still, the only real answer I’ve gotten is that you call your ISP but you can play other games with no issue.

  3. I will submit the feedback of the code to block the connection and just to give more visibility to the team you can make the report here too, Game Feedback - New World Forums .

See you soon! Take care.

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Today the game is nearly unplayable (server: Styx) because of high input latency spikes. It’s for weeks now (since server merge or start of winter convergence). When I started playing there were no such issues and I sure tried a lot of things to make sure it is not on my side. But I am sure now that it is server side. I also have this strange us-west connection even though I live right next to Frankfurt with a ping of around 20ms. Not fun to play atm.