Current Extreme Lag (High input latency)

When can we expect the game to be playable again, for the past 2 days non stop there is 2k to 3k lag spikes (high latency) on the upload (ie: clients sending data to server). Which is causing rubber-banding, inability to craft, inability to use the Auction House. My server population is currently 200. Izar Server on EU-Central. This is not a client side problem. same problem experienced by other players on same server. we all from different continents. Problems ruled out at ISP, every other game i play online has no lag whatsoever. Also extremely high bandwidth usage for newworld right now. it was not using this much data in the past.


Hi @loomy69,

I hope you are doing just fine!

I have a couple of tips that can help with the input latency:

  1. If you are using wireless keyboard and or mouse i recommend trying to switch to wired and see if the spikes still happen.
  2. Set V-Sync to OFF for lower input latency.
  3. Try changing your video settings to a lower value, this can help reduce input latency since it reduces the amount of work you computer does.
  4. Try checking for driver updates any of your peripherals might need.
  5. Here is a link for more information on how to possibly solve the issue.

For the lag issue that you might be encountering here are a couple of tips:

  1. Turn off your computer’s IPV6.
  2. Look out for other programs that might be taking up bandwidth and turn them off in the meantime.
  3. Here is a link with more troubleshooting steps on fixing lag.

Hopefully this helps! And have a good one! :smiley:

You post this in every thread, it does nothing.


Hi @Kyrusha,

Do you have any other tips that might help @loomy69 ?

It would be much appreciated if you could share more information to fix this issue.

Take care!

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Of course not, I have insane input lag in the game too. It’s worse in every way than in closed beta.


this way

Hi @Hunden !

Just to give some feedback. The Lag / high ping/latency issues were seemingly resolved by Saturday Evening (CET), and returned to normal without issue, until yesterday morning (15/11 around 6:30 am cet there was around 30 minutes of extreme lag preceding the coin transferral disabling shortly after). then fine, again this morning, 05:30am CET extreme lag again for around 30 minutes to an hour.

Whatever fix was applied on your end, or changes made it resolved the issue up until yesterday morning.

I would like to reiterate, this has nothing to do with framerate, or visual stuttering, or my local connection. It is a prolonged response time from new world servers. If i had to fathom a guess, and bear in mind its entirely speculation, your server(s) may be under some manner of malicious attack, or being bombarded, or their network congested somehow and for some or the other reason. Or servers are taking a longer than usual time to process incoming data from game clients.

Thanks & take care, really hoping the cause of the issue can be rooted out, best of luck.


As of 12:08pm CET game is running wonderfully, not even faintest hint of any lag.

Right @loomy69,

I appreaciate all the information you provided, thanks for informing me of your point of view.

I will inform the team of the possibility, thanks for helping out the community! Take care!

Hi @Hunden

Sorry to bug you again :stuck_out_tongue: but the Extreme lag spikes are back after this recent patch went live. its 03:30am CET and game is currently unplayable, rubberbanding all over, any chest or node u harvest mine breaks action halfway through for no reason, crafting window closing on its own, auction house resetting after a second or two after opening it.,

Basically all the same issues people are reporting, its back now. doesnt seem to be going away

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RIght now 07:06am CET, extreme high latency (ping) ?/ server lag still persisting. I will check throughout the day, see if anything improves, but it seems that its here to stay and not some temporary occurence.

It is so bad now, that if i have to run forward, 2 seconds later i am teleported meters away from where i should be (rubberbanding). If i walk into the middle of a pack of mobs, any attack is in slow motion, mobs are not reacting. but 2 or 3 seconds later, when server responds, i am dead, as mobs were attacking me the whole time, but server was not updating the client.

IMportant to note, my FPS is a solid 60 throughout all this and at anytime, its the server response (network) that is what is delayed.

I would attempt doing a speed test when this happens.
if your ping seems fine the next item I would look at is packet loss or jitter.

I would ask, do you connect to your internet over wireless or wifi ? or do you use a cable ?

I, or rather my brother plays WoW classic in the same house, over the same network, i have a cable to the fibre router. He gets constant 190ms to EU battle net server, which is what we should get from south africa. Speedtest is 100mb down, around 80mb up to London, 188ms. The lag spikes are around 2k to 3k ms. in new world right now

I too am in South Africa.
I play on the US servers with 240 ping, but it seems smooth.

The only time I had lag spiked going to 2k / 3k was when I used LTE.
can you confirm you are not using a VPN ?

nice one ::smiley: Im on afrihost Fibre, i wouldnt dare playing over 3g or LTE xD Have confirmed issue is not with afrihost, as it would show up in WOW as well , but doesnt, regardless time of teh day

i may just try out US servers during EU lag, see if it have similar issues. im fairly confident its an issue either with EU server itself or somewhere along the network between their server and london exchange

The one difference that I can think of is that NW uses Amazon Servers (AWS)
from South Africa, this will route via Cape Town.

Try the AWS Speed test out - let me know if this is different than the ookla speed test

I currently play on Themiscyra if you need a friend on the US Servers

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latency seems as to be as expected, though theres a few weird jumps every now and then.

The next thing I would then do is to run WinMTR in the background while you play on the EU Server. ensure it’s configured to and start recording while you play.

WinMTR will help you identify which IP address in the chain of requests has any loss.
The WinMTR report should probably be first sent to your ISP before you send it to a new world dev.

@Hunden Would it acceptable to run WinMTR while the game is being played in order to help detect packet loss at certain points and times ?