Current Queue Waiting Time

It would appear that from noon (eu) till 2 AM the queue goes from one hour at the beginning with 200-500 queue 12 pm, moving on to 1000-+ around 2pm(waiting 3-4 hours), 1400-1500-+ during 4pm(waiting 4-5 hours), and 1800-2000+ from 5-6pm to 11pm-1am (6+ hours waiting time) then lowers again.

Steam says I played 47 hours, literally 30-35 of it was spent in queue.
I paid for this?
And there’s no feedback or compensation?
At the very least I’d like some form of compensation. I preordred this and bought the deluxe version no less, and I dont even get to play… sad.

Can people confirm the queues and waiting times I wrote?


Yeah timings are correct.

Correct timings written here.

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