Current ranged (mostly Bow) meta is most unfun since release

Physical ranged weapons (Bow, Musket, BB) are dealing tons of damage without having any downside. If you are not running Bow you are just gimping yourself. The amount of damage this weapon can dish out surpasses anything else in the game. In OPR game easily 75% of players are Bows. It’s more CS or Call of Duty than MMO. People are just shooting each other. Please do something about this. I liek that you wanted to make Bow feel less clunky to use, but you forgot to reduce dmg. And now it’s insanely OP to the point that it’s not worth playing anything else. It’s just sad.


Down side is Physical Aversion + Pristine Cut Emerald + Resilient + Heavy Armor.

-80% damage taken EZ clap.

Not even joking. Proper itemization hard counters thrust.

Ah yes, meta where I have to hard spec into no damage and only protection against 1 type of weapon when enemy doesn’t have to sounds great. Also you can’t go beyond 50% fortify cap.

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Melee has higher base damage than all ranged weapons.

Ranged needs to pump 400+ stats to deal anywhere close to the same level of damage as a 300/200.

I do think that AGS could make getting proper gear sets a lot more consistent.

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I play a 250/250 con/str tank and In OPR, if I get caught in the middle of the SUN fort I get melted in seconds by range players spamming left click trough the gate…it’s fun, you should try it sometimes. Oh, 2500 armor, 5 resilient, full onyx and 3 physical aversion


I mean I get three shot to four by bows as a light armor healer.

Used to be two to three shots until I put Pristine Emeralds. About three to four Pristine Emeralds is very noticeable. Very big proponent because it matters even at low armor value.

Higher armor + CON values benefits from the extra mitigation even more

I think they should make the Bow harder to headshot with, but increase the damage. Right now, they are shooting bowling balls. It’s ridiculous, almost impossible, for a good Bow player to lose to a melee player unless that melee player has the advantage of terrain, allies to distract the Bow user, or is geared with Emeralds and such to fight Bow users.

Disgusting 10 vs 10 bow players on OPR everygame not enjoyable and unplayable killing the game even more

Are people actually trying to defend bow?:joy: it’s to strong requires little to no skill

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