Current state of my server

Outpost Rush gone, world PvE gone, crafting on hold, invasions slowly dying, wars less frequent. This is the first time in 1100 hours of gameplay that I’m really have nothing to do most of the time. Just launch the game for wars (until I remain selected). I was enjoying a lot the game before the patch, everything made sense, even the dungeons that I dont do it have his importance on this “living system”. But now for me and more 20k people the game is almost over. I still enjoy the PvP, It have a lot potential, because of that, I still go to wars, half hour of my time in my day now, not 8 to 10 hours.


This is every server basically. Dead. And they did it on purpose.


And need to be naive to believe that someone would come back for this, to be able to come back and be part of this end game, you need to be high level with high gear score. They want people to do dungeons with a game without matchmaking for dungeons, most people don’t have or don’t want have social skills to make it happen easily, turning orbs who requires gold to do it and all that gold can be in vain without a proper party.
The idea is great, the moment is wrong and poorly projected.

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I think they may be killing the game for everyone. They needed to address the dungeons are time sinks without the reward to make it worthwhile. One of my favourite things to do in past MMOs was queueing with my friends, who are mostly bad at MMOs, but we still like to play together. In this game, the cost of losing is too great to justify just “winging it.” To add to that, there is bug after bug. At this point, they need to relook at the game complete to get it reviewed. There is much more but I do not want to use the time to type when it will not get looked at. I still hope in a few months when my friends and I come back the game is fixed but will not hold my breath.

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Well It’s good a point about the bugs. I really like the game overrall, that I started to get used to the bugs in general (And I should’nt). But is kinda arrogant from dev part to create a not much rewardable dungeon system, and very punishible at same time without a complete, solid and stable implementation. Like I said I don’t play dungeons but I got your point.

Our server isn’t dead but 1 company that gets away with every exploit that existed from duping to war exploits, to win trading territories so they can recruit and get it back. Buying the whole server, both the players they think are good and any gear that is worth a damn that is sold. This company is taking every step possible to kill it too and the devs do not ban for anything, they give warnings and this company stops doing that 1 exploit then continues to do everything else they can, this is the reality of the game for people who don’t cheat… “good guys finish last” and its true because there is no punishment for the people who do the wrong thing since the devs are scared to lose more numbers however YOU ARE LOSING MORE BECAUSE YOU DO NOT TAKE ACTION AGAINST THESE PEOPLE.

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