Current State of the Game after 600+ hours

The world tour zerg run is not fun or immersive. You follow the leader, avoid attacking, and have a low chance at extra drops. The common player doesn’t care if you die and miss your chests. More often than not the goal is to use you as agro so they can grab their chest. If you fall behind you’re on your own.

It’s much more enjoyable going in with a group of 5-10 players. Unfortunately even that typically gets ruined by agro brought by other players.

800 Hours here.

Content of the game - I somewhat disagree, daily chest runs should take about 2 hrs, 1 expedition a day another 30 mins, do couple of OPRs another hour, and finally 1 war/ invasion a day which is another hour. This totals to 4.5 hours a day, which for someone who is burnt out should be plenty. I am glad that there isn’t too much to do so I can finally relax a little. The only thing I really hate about the content right now is how much grind they added. At the end of chest runs I ALT F4 because of how tired and boring they are, they added bunch of health to mobs and it is just NOT fun. They also made it harder to level up weapon mastery/ crafting experience. AGS thinks that these changes will expand the end game, but instead they killed end game for me, I barely log in now because of how much work it requires to advance anything. Waiting for a big change.

PvP Flag Changes - I avoid doing 1v1s as they are pointless. If a single player tries to kill me, I just stand there and heal myself to show them that it is pointless. so I think it is a balancing issue more than anything. I do agree that this game should be more pvp focused. I’d love experience loss for dying OR loot loss for dying OR some other penalty other than durability.

** Open World Griefing ** - Forced PVP in neutral zones sounds awesome. My guild always blames the griefers that lure mobs. It is not player fault, it is design flaw. Either forced PVP or enabled pvp with Karma system is something I definitely stand behind.

** Weapon Balances ** - No comment as this should not be priority

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The problem with PvP not being fun is no one cares to fight because the drops we get are 500 gs when the majority of people who are fighting at way past that WM. You are stuck on fighting 2-3 of the same people because they are the only ones who want to flag for PvP only. If you make PvP more rewarding and give people something to look forward to when killing someone it would make the entire experience a lot more fun and enjoyable for all. I’m not trying to “force PvP” on anyone. I’m saying instead of giving people Luck and Harvesting Luck for flagging why not give them better rewards for actually fighting.

I totally agree with your post, the problem I have with end game content is there isn’t enough to make me enjoy playing endgame content if you get what im saying. Playing OPR is boring after 2-3 play throughs, wars (before the most recent maintenance) were absolute garbage lag fests. Chest runs are the same end game content over and over again with 0 originality. That is pretty much it. There is 2 dungeons in the game and both of them are easy af to do with little to nothing challenging about them. (Don’t get my wrong I love the expeditions but they are easy af rn) I can run through Genisis in less than 25 mins, and Laz in about 30ish.

All I read was a pvp’r making a rediculously long post about nerfing WH/GA, for pvp reasons, while never considering the fact this a PVE centric game.

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it is not, it never was and while pve was added to the game and yes its fun and part of the contet but the game is pvp centric always was

WH/GA is the best combo in the game and even before the buff, GA was the one of if not the best weapon in the game second only to maybe Ice Gauntlet. Regardless of PvP or not, the weapon is not balanced at all and is op in PvE and PvP. This game was originally made as a PvP centric game in the very first beta they did around 2 years ago, I didn’t get to play it but 2 of my guildmates played it extensively together and told me how it was pretty much you were always flagged and could lose your loot outside of cities. Also the whole way you play this game in the end game by taking territories, outpost rush, and war, these are all PvP focused things. So saying this game is PvE centric is wrong.


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