Current state of Wars and Invasions

With the current state of wars and invasions, only the company owning the territory and only some players can experience this features:


  1. Company1 selects the 50 from their own, which sometimes are the same and same players over and over again
  2. Company2 also hires the same players from Company1 and some selected from their own
  3. Company3, hires the same players from Company1 and Company2, repeat 1-3 all over again every war


  1. Randomness is useless if they can kick until the players they want are the one selected
  2. Useless too since its currently unwinnable


  1. Introduce war fatigue, everytime a player joins a war, next war they will join they will have big stat reduction, cooldowns for few days
  2. If they will hire players, company should spend some serious coins, a form of tax
  3. Have dedicated 40 slot for same company members, the. 10 for others


  1. Random is useless, either make the company select or disable kicking
  2. Charge a coin for every players they kick?
  3. Make a mini version of invasion for each company, like an instance, so everyone can experience it, if they win they will get gold, if not then no rewards
  4. Allow us to repair the fort, give players a fighting chance

Let’s say there’s 1000 players on server that wanna experience the 2 features, when will they get the chance if these are very limited, these are just my thoughts after experiencing war and invasion, people are losing their interest on these 2 cause they know they will never experience it

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