Custom Crosshair

Hello folks. I’m aware that New World has bigger fish to fry at the moment, but is it possible that we either add crosshair customization or perhaps allow for the usage of external crosshairs ( Like HudSight for example)? My vision isn’t the best anymore and i frequently find myself losing sight of the crosshair when there is a lot going on.

Anybody else having the same request?


Someone else has asked this recently. Think someone was trying to get an answer.

Oh that’s good to know. I hope there will be an answer soon. Maybe my vision isn’t failing me after all. Consider this another attempt to attract somebody’s attention then. :smiley:
I’d love to get an answer soon(ish). Will check out the thread.

While it is a feature that has been suggested before, more people requesting something leads to a general consensus that shows that there is a demand or at least a interest in the feature, thanks for your feedback! (I’ve sent the idea to the developers)

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I use the crosshair built into my monitor

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Please change the awful crosshair on repeaters , I love been on siège team in invasion ( mostly do nothing but shoot rep. But new crosshairs would be welcomed

You would think any repeater would have a crosshair with a zoom. Then as you upgrade it in OPR the zoom gets better ?

Some monitors have crosshair features.

And I’d imagine that the usage of such a feature would be undetectable. When I’m shopping for a new monitor, that’s usually not a feature that i’m specifically looking for. Perhaps I should change my shopping habits.

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