- Custom Servers -

I’m sure this has already been requested… but this game would be PERFECT for custom servers… Coming from Ark I can see how this game would be so fun to rush on a fresh server at a 3* rate and take territories and customize things as one wishes!

I’m sure Gportal/Nitrado would love to have these servers :slight_smile: I think it could also help the population of NW. Please consider it, Devs :smiley:


Yes I agree 100%
It has been requested. I wish we could have custom servers /games where we could limit how many people are allowed on the server for the life of tbe current game.

Say you set 6 months time frame and a max 500 players… So first 500 people who make characters are locked in.

Or set a password to create a character.
It could be taken farther if AGS wanted. The game admin could set rules for the custom server. How much damage.

Damage multiply 1.5 gives you 1.5 times normal damage.
You could set PvP always on if you like.
You could set your run speed slower or faster.
You could set spawn times for mats.

It is a custom game and independent from normal servers so it wouldn’t matter if you had

mat spawn time 5 times faster,

player damage 3 times higher than normal,

the storage shed holds 3 times the normal

And PvP flag on (or off) all the time.

@kay @lane Sounds super fun.

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Sounds familiar… :wink:

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not every game can be hosted so easy

True man but nothing hits like NW haha

Exacty bro… you could do SO MUCH with it