Customer service doesn’t even know what I was banned for?

3 days ago my main account was perma-banned under the pretense of “disruptive behavior”. I’ve sent at least 6 appeals because I was told to keep appealing and spoken to at least 10 different CS reps and gotten back 4 different reasons in emails as to why I was banned. (gold selling, spamming, abusive behavior and now NDA violation.) I made a new steam account and bought the game again just to post in the forums for actual help instead being told to keep filing an appeal. It’s clear to see that what ever team “reviewed” my ban appeal doesn’t even know what I was banned for and are just making false claims cause I WAS NEVER PART OF A PRE ALPHA OR BETA TESTING nor have I spammed or sold gold. I would like real help from a real person instead of automated responses false claims on my account. Please I need actual help from a real person. PLEASE.

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Shouldn’t you have posted in the support section?

Honestly, at this point AGS should create a “Ban for No Reason Forum Jury Appeal” section given the sudden and huge increase in demand every new exploit and ban wave.

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