Customer service please help me!

My account was wrongfully perma-banned. I’ve been sending appeals for the past 4 days as told to do by amazon CS reps. Every time I get a response back its always a different answer as to why I was banned and its always “merited”. This has to be a joke because clearly what ever team is reviewing this issue doesn’t know what the ban was for which is evident from the screen shots of emails I’ve received. Its plain to see there’s no evidence behind any of these claims because they’re inconsistent. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE ACTUALLY HELP ME INSTEAD OF TELLING ME TO SEND IN ANOTHER APPEAL?

Clearly not what you want to see, but I don’t expect you to be the one that they treat different.
That is one example, there are a dozen.

Oh I don’t expect them to treat me different I just want to let them know their appeal structure is horrible. Maybe if enough ppl get wrongfully banned they’ll actually do something about it. I just wish I had a consistent answer on the appeals. Apparently I’m a gold seller, a cheater, I’ve committed disrupted behavior and broke NDA. Kind of cool I could break their NDA clause when I’ve never signed one LOL.

Hi travelers!!

@oEnjin, sorry to hear the inconveniences on your account and the ban.

I understand you have appeal multiple time already and the answers are not the satisfactory, all bans and appeal are reviewed by the Amazon Games team and multiple agents to confirm a violation have been commit.

By polities no information about the reason will be share other than the violation of the Code of Conduct, if you believe that your case require a new evaluation, please proceed to create a new appeal explanation you actual situation and referring this post for more visibility.

Thanks and have a nice weekend!!

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