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I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been going through similar issues! it’s such a shame that what should be relatively simple fixes that even small games could communicate/implement causes so much grief!

I have 5k hours in the game, spent a ton of money on the terrible skins to help support the game that I believed in. Dealt with all the politics and drama on the server to continue to help create a core company and keep people involved. Because of a game issue, I have an account that is unplayable until they fix the issue. At no time has amazon done anything to help or support, they told me to “check the forums” when literally its an account issue.

No support from Amazon, in a dying game to their players that put in the time.
I could understand if they sent a DM going this is whats happening ect, but not even that.

I have to take the time out to chase around any follow up. Good Job AGS !


8? Id say more like 20-30 :stuck_out_tongue:


I was trying to be nice! But it really is a lot of non-faction low level bots cutting through forests

That was a quick response to hide evidence :open_mouth:


Yeah not sure why it was deleted (Wasn’t communicated to me!) So I’ve rewritten it without the picture and hopefully that won’t get removed.

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Another post example showing that there is issues in the CS System/Team


Had a number of friends recently receive bans for botting behaviour, some have 5000 hours in game. Seems to be an issue with support and/or the anti cheat software.


Two additional forum threads that discuss poor interactions with Customer Support, That often times feel like automated replies.


This has been going on for too long guys come on you are failing your playerbase while actual cheaters and bots roam free


Stop telling us to go web ticket/live chat/anything.

It’s not really helping man seriously. I already gave proof how they respond it

It’s not even half an hour and they keep replying in the same automated replies over and over again

Is the proof not enough they’re not even checking the chat in-game that I did was a joke to my friends and mistaken as bot selling coins?

Character name: testutop123
Server: Delos
Issue: my joke troll on global chat considered/detected as bot selling coins and got permaban as RMT]


(Hi, I would like a hand for uplifting ban cause web ticket just keep responding with automated replies - #3)


I too have experienced false bans and very poor customer service. I have linked my story to other threads aswell, but seeing that this thread allready has many similar cases, I’ll add my own to the collection. Its good to collect all of these to one place for easy access and attention:

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Players are really loosing trust/faith in the ban/appeal system. Do better


Character gone after server merger - #68 by Suzutai Yet another example of players being let down by Customer Support - Community Manager Fenne having to cop the brunt of it. AGS this is just simply not acceptable! Do better show support to your community and the community managers by improving the customer support!

AGS Responses to Death Threats - #7 by Pointe Even more examples of Customer Support letting players down.

I get 1 day ban for nothing again - #2 by Amanita Why is there such an increase in bans, Especially in OPR? What changes have been made in the background that are catching more real players than bots…?

A spit in the face from AGS support system - This persons in game ban reason was DIFFERENT from the reason the support told him he was banned, This level of inconsistency is just so disparaging for players to encounter and others to watch. It isn’t even humorous watching Customer Support make these mistakes so consistently, Lost ark links, Wrong ban reasons, How do we know they actually check any logs associated with our accounts. We want the game to do well and encourage AGS to rethink the Customer Support system that is currently in place because it is clearly NOT working in the eyes of the Customers/Players.


Another Streamer/YouTuber who was reported along the same lines as a few of the linked posts above. This is a glaring issue and I would really appreciate AGS taking this feedback on bored in regards to the Customer Support and the overall negative impact it has having on the remaining player base.

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To quote directly from the linked post : “I don’t belive you.
Any patience and understanding is gone. This should not take weeks.
Cookie cutter responses only make this worse.”

Customer Support is not helping, They are only making things worse. Please scrap the system and overhaul it. Do something we as players only have so much patience when dealing with cookie cutter responses, false bans, mass reporting, OPR bans. Watching all this go down without some kind of Dev input is getting tiring! There’s plenty of recent examples all linked here, I dread to imagine how many non-recent examples there would be! Scrap/Overhaul the CS Team and get a better one ASAP!!