"Dagger" quest (wine collecting) - Chest under the textures

  • Character Name - Kyrieeleyson
  • Issue that occurred - One chest was hidden “under” the textures. It was still available to open to finish the quest, but it wasn’t visible at first sight (some ‘glow’ was that is how I was able to find it).
  • Time and Date - Unfortunately don’t remember, around 10 or 11th of October. Don’t know the exact time cause I was playing whole day.
  • World/Server - Baltic/EU Central
  • Location where issue occurred - It was during the quest at the ship called “Dagger” where the goal was to find wine in chests (I believe 4 of them?).
  • Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue - I do not remember the name of the quest but I guess it is not mandatory to take. Simply going to the beach and ship called “Dagger” you will find Chest that is barely visible (only the ‘glow’ is) cause it is under the textures.

So the chest that was hidden under the textures was the one inside the wreck of the ship at the beach.

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