Daggers delayed AGAIN why a new focus weapon?

Daggers have been delayed for the Great Sword release and now are being delayed again for a new focus weapon. This is ridiculous there does not need to be more healing in the game.

Are healers struggling? Yes

Are there ways to escape death with a life staff? Yes but its not easy (muskets and light great swords)

There are so many perks and abilities in the game that offer healing but are not balanced up enough to be useful things such as leeching, life steal, and even abilities that have healing perks like mending sticky bomb , mending execute, etc… These perks and abilities are not viable enough to be worth using in any form or pvp or pve and need adjustments. What I am trying to say is the support “problem” can be solved by making these things in new world that no one use because they suck more viable to relive healing stress on those said healers.

I personally thing if these perks/skills that can give healing are adjusted to meet standards you might even be able to nerf healing as a whole so that healing is not relied on by people with life staffs/ void gauntlets but 75% from life staffs and 25% from a melees build.

because noone needs another dex weapon?


Because healers are also a class that need weapons.
Not everything is dps, dps and more dps.
dps plenty, healer missing. maybe?


I don’t wanna see daggers in this game another broken weapon paired witha hachet 300 strength 300 dex, immortality + invisiblity+ jumps into people for sure they’ll be balanced and not broken like eversyingle wepaon in this game.

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One of these things is not like the others.

Strength primary: Greatsword, S&S, GA, Warhammer, Hatchet (secondary: Blunderbuss, Spear)
Dexterity Primary: Greatsword, Bow, Rapier, Musket, Spear (secondary: S&S, Hatchet)
Intelligence Primary: Fire, Ice, Void (secondary: rapier, blunderbuss, musket)

Focus: Life (secondary: void)

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Obviously we won’t know until the weapon is released, however I think it will be more of a buff weapon than a healer. Something similar to VG, but focused on buff.

I missed the announcement that they were working on a dagger. Can you link that for me please?

So, I had a conversation with a friend of mine who only uses life staff in pve/pvp. He is frustrated because his only realistic choice of weapons in pve is LS/VG and LS/VG/Rapier in pvp. Some players only like to heal in the game and having just 1 dedicated healing weapon is far too little. The simple answer is that the need for a new healing weapon > the need for a dagger.


They aren’t delayed when they never committed to them being next in the first place.

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WAT?!? Can this be true?!?

Did i miss a weapon announcement? I’m so behind :C, what is it??

Edit i found the forged video xD

Where did they say that?

As much as I want daggers, and as much as I think that the game needs a mono Dex melee weapon, a new focus weapon is something that probably needs to happen.


Edit: found it too lol


Lol they werent delayed :joy: they were never planned to be released first. Its all in the leaks from a year ago

Its about time we had another focus weapon.

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Honestly I have seen many posts about people wanting daggers, myself included. I just want to try them already.
I also acknowledge that healing is lacking. I don’t think it needs another gauntlet healing weapon. Just make a Paladin. Mace/Shield or 2h Magic Hammer. Most people run melee builds anyways so just make healing auras and call them prayers. Damage you do to mobs is AoE healed to party members. Then you can have content that requires 2 or more parties. Healer with staff and healer with mace/shield. Damage Dealers can be ranged or melee why not healers?

Is you give to much good wepon for healers everyone will go life staff and new wepon 50 con 450 focus ;D

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