Daily cap will kill this game

If there is any hope that pvp arenas will bring and keep pvp players, I can guarantee you the daily cap will ruin it. It’s a spit in the face of everyone who’s been enduring the lack of content in this game, only to be met with a lazy system to force players to log off after a certain amount of games. I think I speak for the majority when I say that this ruins the game. Add something like aptitude boxes for past tier 200, that work like opr boxes but in addition have a chance of dropping shards, consumables, etc. Until track is reset. Do not I repeat DO NOT put a cap on the pvp rewards or you’re digging yourself a deeper grave you can’t get out of. Changing this later is too little too late, especially considering how many people are warning you guys right now. Remove it before it’s live


100% agree


1000000% agree


There isn’t even cross server OPR. Smaller servers can only get OPR going a few times a day before it fizzles out. I’ve been in that situation before and it sucks.

3v3 Arenas is a lifeline for small pop servers.


The daily limit helps your real life.

before transferring to the biggest server in NA west, I had the same issue. Even in servers with 1000+ populations it sometimes takes time for enough people to gather for opr because there is literally no point in doing them after you get your gypsums, so people tend to log off after their daily 2 matches. I also know cross server is being worked on but for their sake I hope they put focus on that to get it done asap

Hi there FishT, thank you for this valuable feedback, I will make sure to get it sent up the chain so the Dev team can take a look at this post. I’d love to see other player comments as well. Take care!

All arenas are going to do is give a brief, small pop bump anyway. Bug and balance issues have still not been solved this far into release, and unless and until they are, pvp will not be viable and people will not (and SHOULD NOT) return to the game.


Keep the cap unless and until there is an alternative solution to the problem of OPR and open world PVP withering on the vine as viable and healthy aspects of PVP gameplay.

Keep open world cap free. OPR and 3v3 should have limits. Otherwise, there will be more harm than good done to PVP on the whole, the game will devolve into PVE and some mini-game of 3v3 that a portion of the community plays which has no relationship to the rest of the game.

100% agree, i gave more details on a similar post. Thank you.

Yes, let people play as they want. 10hrs arena? Why not? Open world PvP is dead anyway and the game get more and more instanced, so that is no real problem anymore.

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Have to agree and I’m a pve player.
PVP needs the 3x3 arenas and the rewards.

IF you must have a cap on rewards

Guarantee the first five rounds are the daily.

Now after five rounds, its rng rewards
Smaller awards like potions/meals, ori/starmetal bullets etc. etc (think pvp use) and a very very small chance of a rare drop gear

cap open world, but keep OPR and 3v3 unlimited.

maybe the first 5 games of OPR/3v3 a day give enhanced rewards but then the subsequent OPR and 3v3 completions only give half the rewards? something of this nature

capping the daily limit of pvp rewards makes players feel FORCED to do other content, which they will be compelled to do the most efficient content and not a game mode they enjoy to play, which can lead to many things, whether its RMT to buy carries and shards or the player becoming irritated and quiting altogether because they cannot play the game modes they enjoy because they feel forced to play a more efficient way.
you already time gate pve content time gating more content seems like a sad choice.

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