Daily crafting cap MUST STOP! game killer

I am discouraged to even go do these daily crafts!! Because i don’t have all that time to log in to gather material or make money to buy it ++PLUS++ i want to enjoy the PVP and more things that exist into the game!

I have 1500 Hours in the game…I have spent A LOT of time in the game for a dude that has no time…

I am forced to spend all my time for daily crafts and then i just don’t enjoy the game…
I would love to hop in at night at some time and be able to craft as much asmodeum or runic leather i like!! (because i can have my own time window for that)

Now i am just discouraged to even go craft anything just because my time is limited and i love to join OPR or go raise that territory influence bar for wars with clanmates… or do some duels maybe join mutation… maybe i need to craft some potions that are hard to make just by the amount of mats u need for one potion that u just press a button to POOOFF consume it like water…

Imagine logging in and you know you want to craft good armors and parts… But u are LIMITED TO 10 of these each day… and u just DONT have the time to do it but YOU COULD make a lot in a specific day that you indeed had the time… BUT now only be able to make 10 of these…

This daily cap is a game killer… the crafting system is one i kind of like, but cap feels stupid.

I see absolutely NO MOTIVATION to log in for the daily crafts at all. I see myself avoiding to play the game more and more by this relentless grind you need with the CAPS you have.

Games these days need more transparency and some efficiency into doing things and get rewarded easier… People have problems at home, jobs, things to attend, schools, places to be…People have a life actually… And by having daily craft CAP is one good reason for these people to lose interest in the game, because we know someone without time boundaries will be able to log in EVERY SINGLE DAY and do that daily crafting, or spend a whole day gathering this and that and that…blabla…and suddendly you are left behind by LIGHT YEARS!!! You can’t craft a decent armor part or weapon, cuz there is no time for people like me.

This could be one of the reasons many people stopped playing the game as the game is for people who have so much time… and to make time for a game is hard these days…<<

YEAP iam Right ! :slight_smile:

they need to remove crafting cooldowns all together

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I’ve been stating crafting CD’s need to go all together. Why are they hampering players who enjoy crafting… Either you wait all the time day by day untill you can craft that set of armor or weapon. OR pay for CD’s to do it sooner. Only to realize you have alot of gold and pray for RNG to not screw you over.

They must believe that cooldowns bring people back to do the daily…
But this makes the crafter sick over time…

Many other things as well, but this is for crafters…and me as well

Well, its the only thing bringing me Back daily. :wink:

Removing the cap on the top 5 mats would destroy what is left of wealth distribution. Owning one of the big three would allow buying up all the material to make near endless asmo, or whatever else you want. It’s an epically bad idea considering the current games design.


Is it? because it seems most people are not comming back :wink:
So do i have stopped even caring doing these

Not at all!
Removing daily caps will make the economy FLOW and people come back to make as much as they like!
I know a lot of people stated how bad they think cap is (including me)
You obviously have a lot of time to log in at any time of the day for as much as you like, but when you make people leave the game (because the game is depending on those crafts) them trust me friend, the economy is f…cked!
Too bad that they can’t see it, like a lot of things they couldn’t see from the beggining like Azoth teleporting, people thought it was good ! meanwhile every1 was crying about it.
They fixed Azoth teleport, but now the people are gone :slight_smile:

good luck playing with 1.2k people max in 1 server world wide in 2 motnhs from now.

Things have to change immediately!
Roots, Desyncs, PVP Bugs, Daily Craft Caps…
If not, then game is totally wasted!
Over 1500 hours in game.
I know what im saying. You will understand eventually

Tbh… I stopped coming back some days ago.

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I don’t craft much but is there really a daily cooldown on crafting?!? That doesn’t seem right. I knew there is a cooldown on refining stuff, like asmodeom and that does make sense. Keeps the high end materials at a healthy balance. But a cooldown on crafting is rediculous and need to be removed.


After 1500 hours i find it hard to log in as well, i can’t just log in to make 10 asmodeums, i just can’t…
I need to make 100 to make a decent piece of armor or weapon!

So i say: fuk it i ll just join OPR… i join OPR and there is a chaos of ice showers everywhere… every1 desyncs in these ice showers and it’s a spaghetti!

I just find it hard to come back these days :confused:
I loved this game but, they can’t make it great!
It is sad and honest…

You just like making posts and comments about making game systems irrelevant huh? Lol

it would take you 5 minutes a day to get your asmodeum made. 10 days, less than an hour to get the 100 pieces you need.

You can also buy asmodeum on the trading post, they sell a lot of them on my server, never seems to run out.

Too bad im right.
And too bad ever1 has stopped playing so they are not even here to back my topic.
All is left are fans like you and me trying to make tha game more enjoyable by commenting a post… i find this sad im out

The thing is, the Game is not what I thought it would be and every patch it’s even moving further and further away from it.

I personally am against “No Refining CD” but at this point in time, I really don’t care anymore.

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I understand !
About craft caps, is juts making the lifestyle in game more ongoing and playable…

as for whatyou say, yeap i agree, i can’t pvp and not feel sluggy and unhealthy.
Game turned to be really bad :frowning:
I wish some day everything is fixed and just log in to play a nice flowing game without problems

Game wouldn’t be more enjoyable just based off of this, i don’t think you understand game design.

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It’s one of the only gates in the game that makes any sense. Without that gate I would easily be able to entirely control the market by converting all ori to asmo. You would never see ori listed on the TP again.

He who controls the Asmodium controls Aeternum.

It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the juice of Azoth that thoughts acquire speed, the lips acquire stains, the stains become a warning. It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.

It would be an epic blunder to remove the cap on the top 5.