Daily firestaff is a joke thread

Still waiting on buffs, feeling cute might uninstall soon idk

Also there’s a bot botting earthshell tails just ruining the economy lol

I’ve seen selling orders with 2600 spinefish fins. I’m convinced 80% of the server population are bots.

yeah I’ve been reporting the same bots for a month and they’re still here :joy: and i’m on one of the most popular servers, really must not be banning any

Another funny situation I’ve encountered when there was an invasion for Windsward and an invisible wall spawned around Windsward fortress that blocked that area. Literally 7 players running and jumping into the wall on repeat for 1 hour in the same spot. They were boting fiber.
It shows that unique players are running 5-10 bots at once, farming lots of materials, without even playing the game.

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half my passives are broken

they release more damage mitigation perks and weapon nerfs

truly turning the game into an eso clone

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