Daily Gypsum from Turkeys gone, where now?

We got 6 Diamond Gypsum and 3 Treasures daily from killing Turkeys during the last event. So did they remove it altogether or is there another way to get them during THIS one? Maybe finding presents or throwing a certain amount of snowballs?

How do we get our daily Gypsum now?

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Farm the trees in towns.


Ha, funny. Seriously, did they remove the daily Gypsums? Can’t find anything about it.

He’s not joking. When you go to the winter trees in the middle of all of the towns you will get your daily gypsum.


Have to travel around to towns to get all 6 and 3 coin bags or boxes now.

LMAO! My bad. Didn’t even know there were tree w/presents in town. Just got back in after update. All I knew is that “standard” trees in towns cannot be chopped.

Thanks for the answer everyone.

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