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With the amount of negativity in these forums I feel like the player base and the complaining mixed with entitlement is just as unhealthy for the game as the issues they complain about

So i just want to throw outthere. I love this game. I love the pvp. Even if I get board with a a lack of new pvp content I will still always come back after a break as long as it is up and running.


Its always the same 10 people that threaten to quit if they dont get what they want so dont worry lol


Thats what happen when you give kids all they ask for growing up


game is fucked down to the core. wish it wasnt but it is.


I agree OP.

it only took 3 replies to get the first negative reply to your positive post, which is to be expected. But its all good, i share your opinion


Yeah, because they actually like the game, it’s not “what they want” it’s what the community wants, otherwise those threads wouldn’t have so much approval.

The majority simply quits, if you were social or played the game you would know that by simply hanging around towns, my friend list used to have 30-40 active end game players, now if there’s more than 4 online it’s a miracle, there are no mutation lobbies, no one does the event, PvP players ask to join opr queue at 6pm and prices are going crazy while the DEVS are silent, this of course will cause anger.


You think that we provide feedback because we DON’T like the game?

Game is amazing. Visuals, map, sounds, truly a great work.

The feedback and posterior negativity are based on how AGS gets that feedback, chews it down, spits out a GS update with no PvP balance or OPR changes FOR MONTHS.

After 1 year+ of the game, you’d think that they would get some feedback, they just lol about the PvP state and introduce musical instruments.

People got scammed man. People were promised a PvP combat game and got an inventory manager simulator with instanced dungeons, so the chance to finding people are lower than ever now.

We don’t shitpost because we HATE the game, we like it, we wanted it to be great, I see some towns on big servers aren’t unable to fill an invasion roster, so… before January ends, you will be calling for merges because the audience that kept cities running has been leaving the game since the roadmap announcement followed up by that 2 hours interview.


Nvm people threatened to quit. I make mu group with random every week and always done 25x on Friday or Saturday. After the entry gone, i que arena and always got group in 5 min max at 14:00+. I’m glad that people whoever complain quit the game because they always are toxic. Without them the sever would be better and little lag. Dear

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Are you even looking at the game numbers?

Yea, treat it like threat, it’s been working wonders so far.

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You have come to the forum to create a positive post discussing how negative the other people in the forum are, while also mentioning that you enjoy the game. However, you seem to think that you are now better than those who post criticism.

Criticism can be helpful as it allows for the identification and discussion of problems that need to be addressed. Some people may post criticisms because they love the game and see its potential, but are frustrated by persistent bugs and issues that seem to be taking a long time to fix. These people may express their frustration on the forums because it is the only way they can communicate their concerns.

Not all criticism is necessarily bad. Just take a look at your own opening remarks - they are critical, but you are trying to improve the situation. The same can be said for those you criticize - they are trying to improve the game as well.


These forums represent maybe 5% of the playerbase. Most aren’t as whiney.


exactly because most already left.

I love the PVP but Im stuck on a server that is dead and doesn’t have any PVP, OPR is non-existent, arena if you’re lucky pops every 15 mins, and no open world pvp at all.

The way Fresh Start players are being treated is BS!

Hopefully more of the whiney ones keep leaving

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To @Dorizzdt , people are just to bad at anything in this game and report to fix to make better benefits for them. It’s like personal gains and is not a criticsm. I’m not better than anyone to compare to them but one for sure i know how to play and I’m not the only one. That’s why if people don’t like this game, just let them quit better than they spam in global toxic thing everyday. That’s make my head hurt and have more than 40 people in my blocklist now. I’m very grateful if they quit the game. Dear

The majority quit? Lmao idk about that, clearly this game not here to cater for everyone. People will complain regardless just like the world we lived in.
I too want fix/ improvement but at the same time i do understand it will take time and then you have these 12 year old threatening to quit if they dont get what they want in 48hr lol wtf…well gtfo if you dont have common sense.
The game is far from perfect but still amazing, imagine what the game be like a year or 2 from now. People will quit at the same time many will continue to play.
The devs clearly read feedbacks. Do they have to make a video everytime someome go crying??? Just because u dont see something on the road map dont mean they not doing anything. Just leave and come back later when its better like i did. The launch sux, i quit after playing 2 months then came back for brimstone and i fking love it

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Criticism can be good if it’s accurate. I believe a majority of the negative posts are not based of real data accurate data. Like someone saying. When I run light armor and have a melee build I die to a musket that I started engaging 200 m away. He kills me before I get to him.

Or a if/bb kills me if he get his perfect combo off.

But none the less my theads intention is to remind and even inform maybe even new players that the game is still great

New players or maybe people on the fence that to come back see these forums and I’m sure are turned away.

It’s like when the game launched I would talk to co workers who never even gave it a shot because they heard the economic situation was so bad. While never once did this really negatively afffect my gameplay.

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You want accuracy in a game where everything you do is based on faith that the system is working? That’s not a realistic expectation. People will naturally get frustrated when they feel wronged or that the balance isn’t fair. But players aren’t delicate little snowflakes - there are plenty who still enjoy the game and log in despite its flaws, and then there are those who just want to watch the world burn by spamming chat with ‘game dead’ and such.

I’m not particularly invested in the approach AGS takes to focus on the positives rather than the negatives, but lately it’s been tough to see the progress they’re making with all the problems stacking up. It’s like trying to swim against a strong current when the waves of problems keep coming in. AGS might be trying their best, but it’s clearly not enough. The frustration is mounting

While it may seem like a simple solution to just let people who don’t like the game quit, the reality is that things are often not so straightforward. The concept of cognitive dissonance suggests that when we encounter situations or experiences that challenge our beliefs or values, we may experience discomfort or anxiety. In order to reduce this dissonance and the uncomfortable feelings it can produce, we may engage in various coping strategies, such as changing our beliefs or behaviors to align with the conflicting information, rationalizing or justifying our beliefs or behaviors, or simply ignoring or dismissing the conflicting information.

This means that even if someone doesn’t like the game, they may still choose to continue playing or engaging with it in some way, as they may believe that the benefits of doing so outweigh the costs or that they have invested too much time or resources to simply give up. It may also be the case that they are motivated by the hope that things will improve or that they will find ways to cope with the frustrations they are experiencing. In some cases, people may also continue to engage with something despite experiencing frustration due to the desire to achieve a sense of accomplishment or mastery, social or peer pressure, or a sense of loyalty or commitment to the activity or cause.

So while it may seem like the easy solution to just let people who don’t like the game quit, the psychological dynamics at play may be more complex and may lead people to continue engaging with it despite their frustrations

Well I’m not a psychologist. They do whatever they want to but not in global. It hurt my head a lot… That’s why i prefer them quit. :sweat_smile:

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