Stop talking about bug fixes and desyncs, everyone is running from this game like its a burning building BECAUSE OF THE MASSIVE GRIND.

Nobody wants to run 23,567,678 over tuned mutated expeditions just so you clowns can increase the GS again randomly in 2 months.

In 2 weeks your game will be dead, it wont shut down, thats about 6 months out but when lost ark, elden ring, and the new poe league launch ya, have fun with your time gates and progress walls.


It’s okay. They want the game dead I’m convinces. 1st they kill off the new player “problem”. Now they’ve killed off PvP. Now the final step is wait for the PvE players who locked themselves in mutated Laz to go crazy.

I really can’t see new people joining the game when they have such an insurmountable grind to endure. Worst of all, it’s only grind for its sake, there is no reward in the end of it, just more RNG.

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Threads filled with common sense, are not as entertaining. Could someone please make up some bizarre, mindless, drivel about why everything is fine?

5 years in WoW and 7 years in Destiny. I think I’ll be at least 5 in New World and I fully understand that the first year is about balances, adjustments and whining.

I stay so long in every game because IT’S NOT THE ONLY THING I PLAY. It is a base game, which I connect to daily, which I really dedicate myself to. But I play other adventure RPG titles, like the upcoming Elder Ring.

I’m a real gamer, mature, over the years, not a crybaby who gets upset because they adjusted his favorite weapon or because he has to grind or farm in A FUCKING MMORPG WHERE IT IS LOGICAL TO DO IT!!!

So, or more obvious? XDD

I didn’t ask for my life story. :thinking: I wanted something with more far fetched goodness. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I will fun to fish bud relax

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