Daily reminder to remove grit on these 3 abilities

Maelstrom, Wrecking Ball, Shockwave

No talent tree that indicate these ability can do grit


No. Just no.
These abilities are just fine like they are.


Then spear and hatchet abilities should’ve do grit too, but why its just gaxe and hammer on other melee weapon have stealth grit ability

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Why should these skills have hidden grit?

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Because they are the slowest weapons in the game and have the longest cooldowns. Remove grit from them and you will never land a hit


two of them are key stone combo pieces. why should they have an easy uninterruptable time to do it. (minus full stuns)

shockwave is even kind of underwhelming since you can see it coming and dodge out of its full range with just a light armor dodge easily, making the ability useless in duels and opr.


just no.

Naah not from Shockwave this skill is very slow, easy to dodge. MaelStorm has grit ? Whrilwind for sure has but maelstorm imo has not. But if u remove grit from Whirlwind this skill will become total useless. Hatchet has grit my firend use berserk and use skills :sunglasses:. Spear is already OP highest Over time damage, 1-2s cooldown on skills if u play correct. More Over Cyclone on spear has grit also.

Whirlwind has intended grit, meanwhile Maelstrom has hidden grit, thats the problem with the hidden grit bonuses.

And all hatchet skills confirmed to not have grit even when berserk is on.

If u lads think that shockwave need a grit, then the game should add the talent tree that give shockwave grit, not a hidden grit. So its fair that spear

And yes, spear has good dps, but lack of burst. Literally u cant land coup de grace from the sweep since the down duration isnt enough to complete the skills combo. Skewer bleed is nullified by Ice Tomb and cleansing elixir. Perforate is hard to land on 3 combo.

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Lol with berserker on I have grit no hammer can push me and they not interupt my skills. Only u can do it by stun. If maelstorm has hidden grit then it needs to be fixed cuz its mistake.

Yes u can’t get stun, but that’s not what grit supposed to work.
Grit means your attack cant be staggered, not unstunable. Thats two different CC

Bro thats why I wrote I could be interupted only by stun or root xd Grit has never given immune to stuns or roots.

Maelstrom has grit on first spin but not for second.

the context of why i create these post is why those 3 abilites have hidden grit, but not spear, sns, and hatchet’s (lets say it without berserk) feral rush and raging torrent.

if those 3 abilities have hidden grit, it should be fair to give other melee weapon to have hidden grit on abilities too, or atleast remove those hidden grit.

Oh look another daily thread by someone who doesnt like GA/WH and is “helpfully” making suggestions to break them.

Man we’re super convinced that you just want whats best for everyone and fairness is the only reason for this post.

Bad idea, then the abilities would never pop off bc there’s too much ranged. Mages, healers, bows muskets and other melees that would be hitting u.

daily reminder to me that there are players has no clue about game and pvp

Or they could just add text to the tooltips that read how the abilities actually perform.

Heaven forbid people have to learn to time skills rather than facerolling their keyboard.