Daily Topic Series Day 7 ; DEX And Assassin META Nerf

Daily Topic Series Day 7 ; 07.12.2022

Great Sword Nerf

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Forgot FS, IG, VG, BB, Spear, SNS, Hatchet, WH, GA, Rapier. Plzzz nerf AGS

Thats not please nerf topic my 15x friend (parabellum , bonzai , supple main roster S+ tier players) quitting game because of PvP. ATM C- tier clown casual player PvP meta.

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You forgot to add Life Staff. There we go. Nerf everything!

Bro this nerf needed atm are u enjoying when you got one shot from one assas group as a heavy armor or medium armor or bruiser or healer ?

thats good ?

I mean if I get blow up by a whole group of players I kind of feel like that happens no matter what the group is. Ever fought an IG/BB duo in arena? Doesn’t feel fair…but there’s 2 of them so what do I expect?

When the combat designers need months to make minor weapon tweaks and ends up buffing the weapons they wanted to tune down.
When every patch introduces more bugs than fixes (PVP), more burst damage, weapon imbalance and no new content is introduced in a year.
When player peaks are dropping with 1k+ per day with no signs of stopping any time soon.
Then you know it’s a waste of time to play at our level.

I had a bit of trouble following that, not sure if it was typed in haste or possible english not first language? Not trying to be rude just struggled a bit reading it.

Are you talking about how easy it is to defend forts currently? In which case they should definitely at minimum remove the dummies from forts so people can’t just charge ults then do no skill gacha ultimate dumps constantly as people try to capture the fort. Not a fan of the heartrune addition other than Stoneform bc that’s a nice CC break and not game breaking.

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