Dailys and PVP opinions/oppositions

Came back to the game and have been enjoying some common things I think most MMOs do better dailys and PVP. PVP should have more incentives but also It is hard to balance because PVP communities are typically toxic and grief people who flag for the bonus. Aka their bad and want an easy target to inflate their skill. The defense is always, “well don’t do PVP” then complains when pvp is dead. Happens it about every game. Now for dailys some hate them and some like them. Where dailys are good. It increases daily users, it helps more of the community get to end game and feel less obligated to constantly play causing burnout, and its an easy indicator of an objective when logging in that can branch into other tasks. Where its bad, It de values the time people spend due to a daily giving say two hours of rewards for one hour of work, It can feel like a chore, people get fomo. IMO dailys are very important for closing the gap of the people who play all day and those who play 1-3 hours a night or every other night. for example, if they play one hour it’s like they played 2 where someone who played 8-10 hours its like they played 9-11 hours. They still keep their advantage but it helps people progress and incentivizes them to finish leveling due to the early and mid game getting stale. obviously, theres multiple perspectives but imo games really suffer around pvp and people who can play all day vs not. It doesnt feel good playing games where time matters and you only stay competitive the first weekend but its also not fair to devalue that time. Thats, why Asians pay to win imo, makes sense. With PVP I personally dont think devs have much room to fix it and its mainly on the community.