Damage Bug/Exploit ( 4-5 Times More Damage )

I play as a tank and I have low damage power, I don’t remember exactly what I did but I found a bug My damage power increased 4-5 times more when I hit mobs.
I was hitting 250-300 damage to mobs with my hatched. after bug, I start to hit 1200-1700 damage. when I changed my weapon from hatched to sword ,damage go back to low damage, but I played around 15 minutes like that with high damage.

I’m trying to find the bug again, I will post video proof when I find it, I was unprepared as I accidentally found it

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I found the bug :slight_smile: We can stack 50 & 100 STR ATTRIBUTES damage buff wıth HATCHED only , so your hatched hitting 3-4 times more damage to Mobs @Luxendra @NW_Mugsy
Skill ; Against All Odds

Against All Odds Passive

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