Damage Formula & Calculator


Make a copy - Put in your weapon gearscore you see in game, stats in orange and select your perks and modifiers in grey only, everything else don’t touch. I haven’t vetted all perks and abilities.


Here’s the formula after extensive testing. Please refrain from breaking Code of Conduct, I put in a lot of work and want to keep this thread alive for quality feedback and discussions.

Weapon Dmg * (1 + BaseDamage) * (DMG + CritDamage + HeadshotDamage + BackstabDamage) * Skill Modifier * (1 + Ammo) * (1 - ABS) * (1 + WKN) * (1 - (Armor Mitigation * (1 - Armor Pen)))

  • BaseDamage = Enchanted + Bonus Dmg + Armor Bonus - Defiant Stance
  • Crit = Base Crit + Crit Mod + Backstab/Headshot Mod - Crit Reduction
  • Crit Reduction = Resilience + 10% Crit Con
  • DMG = 1 + Empower - Weaken
  • Crit Mod = 10% Crit Dmg Node + 10% Crit CC Dmg Node + Rogue / Vicious + Crit dmg weapon perks
  • Backstab/Headshot Mod = 10% Backstab/Headshot Node + Vorpal/Rogue
  • ABS = Rend - Fortify - DamageType Absorption
  • WKN = Ultimate Chill + Weakening Gust + DamageType Mob Weakness
  • Weapon Damage = Base Damage * (Level Scaling + Stat Scaling)


  1. Bonus Dmg will usually mean anything with keywords “more, bonus, extra” or “increased” damage or reduction of base damage
  2. Bow/Musket will do more damage on Backstab Crits than they do Headshots with the right modifiers
  3. Rapier Heavy Attack is actually 1.66


Crit = 0, 1
DMG = -0.5, 0.5
ABS = -0.3 , 0.5
Haste = 0.5, 1.5


  1. The biggest feedback I have is to standardize and clean the tooltips.
  2. Crit Reduction needs to be reworked for the health of future content. I would suggest changing the formula to (1 + (Crit * (1 - Crit Reduction)) + Empower - Weaken) and clamp Crit Reduction to (0,1). This would promote future growth in seeking higher %resilience.

Overall with some cleaning up of tooltips and modifiers it seems solid.

Data Gathering Sheet - It is not going to be easy to follow as I didn’t set it up that way, it was for myself, but I tried my best to make it look better for you without breaking the formulas I had set. Keep in mind there are cases where I had to manually adjust some formula’s Bonus Damage or Crit Mods because of that ability not using some bonuses. Also its not a test for every skill of every weapon working correctly, that I will do later, as well as a calculator.

List of Bugs

  1. Object Abilities hit slightly less than intended
  2. Fire Staff’s Light Attack Burn (Singe) is flagged as a “Light” attack type which means Enchanted and 50 Int increases its damage.

Also if anyone has something I should test, or if I’m missing something let me know.

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Thank you for all your testing! This explains why rend and fortify are so powerful. Especially when you could stack sacred grounds in previous patches.

Is it still possible for resilience to reduce your crits damage to less than a regular hit?

If that is fixed, the formula you have for empower, weaken, resilience, crit reduction would be modified to not go below 1.

Never mind, you have that in your second suggestion.


They clamped the crit reduction to not go below base crit, so it would always be at 1, but with weaken you would go lower still if you have no empower to counter it.

But yea, I would still suggest them to change it for future patches because we are already capped with current gear.

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A big thing to note here that is important; Bonus damage is ADDITIVE.
I.e, if you have a weapon with 100 base damage, and a perk that grants 15% damage, and another that grants 10%

It is not 1001510.
It is 100*(15+10)

Appreciate the post. Armor penetration and the like was a bit ambiguous. Saving this post for theorycrafting.

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Sorry I’ll update the Armor Pen part hopefully its easier to understand.

I just got done with the calculator, except for Void Gauntlet and Life Staff. Will have some bugs Im sure and I only have general armor mitigation so it might be best to either fight against full heavy or no armor to test things out.

If you want to try on a target dummy, I would suggest resetting your weapon and attributes and keep all your gear on. Use the weapon damage formula to see what the mitigation is, and add that to the armor overide as a decimal. They start testing everything.

I know there will be perks not doing what they say they do, so the more people to test with the better.

Here’s the calc just put in your weapon damage you see in game, and select your perks and modifiers in grey only, everything else don’t touch


Here’s a few tables I have as well in return
Diminishing returns table
Weapon damage calculator

Just go to file > make a copy so you can edit it.


Sweet thank you!

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By the way, is it possible to include gems in the weapon for this calculator? Such as Malachite or an elemental gem?

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Yes will do, I just need to get some rest but I’ll add it when I’m up. I’m pretty sure they’re all bonus damage correct? I haven’t tested them.

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All of the physical will be some form of bonus damage. 12% to CC’d targets, 15% while stamina is not full, Et cetera.

The elemental gems are all some variety of “20/30/40/50% of your damage is replaced by X elemental type”. Only really useful for specific builds, but things like intellect perks will give bonus elemental damage and what have you, so it effectively acts as a flat damage bonus, if that makes it easier to write.

i.e 50% of the damage dealt is replaced by fire, +15% elemental damage from intellect, which is functionally +7.5% damage as far as a calculator is concerned.

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Yea I got the int gems down, it’s in my formula sheet just not in my calc yet, still trying to figure out the best way to implement it.

But cool, I just heard one of the +% DMG behaves weird.

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@DaveNW @TheLawRich

Hey just tagging you guys in case for both Rogue being applied to Crit Mod instead of Backstab and the Crit Reduction needing reworking.

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Ok added the weapon gems, haven’t verified they all work as intended though. Right now its just T5 gems but ill add a way to change that later.

I haven’t gotten to the int gems but will soon, was working of rewriting the sheet to make it easier for me.

Also still adding the dmg perks on jewelry.

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Wonder which YouTuber is going to claim this first.

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Noted - I’ll take a look.

I have recently been toying around with Flourish and Finish, since the bleed detonation is not listed on the calculator. I’ll see if I can get the actual formula for it in an easy to read manner, since it behaves very strangely.

But I can say for certain, it double dips on empower and damage buffs and is the only ability in the game that can exceed the empower and rend cap.

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So, if you wanted to include the bleed detonation on Flourish and Finish, the calculation is quite long. But, can be made MUCH shorter if an option to select bleed duration is added.

The finish bleed detonation always deals the total damage of the bleeds as though they were their full duration, since the tooltip is very vague, and it deals damage in three separate instances. One for each stack. Though for the purposes of a calculator, it can be combined into one.

As a result, the damage will fluctuate based upon how many applications of To The Bone and Heavy Puncture are applied. As they will increase the duration by 1 or 2 seconds per hit respectively, to a max of what I believe 24 seconds.

So the damage of the bleed detonation would be as follows. You already have the bleed tick ready to go, so the only new thing would need to be a duration consideration. Unlike the stab of the finish, the bleed detonation cannot crit. I do not think it can backstab either.

DetonationDMG = ((TickDMG * Duration) * 1.5)) * StackNumber
1.5 is 1.1 if the final perk isn’t chosen.

Don’t be alarmed if the number gets fucking wild real quick. This was taken on a level 50 with a low level rapier. It can exceed the empower cap.


Hmm, good to know! I might just leave it as one stack and add the stack count to it later!

If only it played as nicely as Evade+ Momentum, Flurry and Tondo do for PvE. After I’m done with the calculator I’ll start doing DPS and stuff, and we can see which is most effective.

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Ok I added the Int gems but the only ones that are accurate are T4/T5. I still need to understand the gem scaling for T2/T3.

This is the formula for PTR though.

Weapon Dmg * (1 + Bonus Damage) * Skill Modifier * (1 + Base Crit + Backstab/Headshot Mod + Crit Mod + Empower - Weakness - Crit Reduction) * (1 + Ammo Mod) * (1 + Rend - Fortify) * (1 - (Armor Mitigation * (1 - Armor Pen)) * (1 - Gem Mitigation)
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