Damalis server crash


My gf have same ptoblem. Mobs and other payers (enev party players) don’t move. Inpossible to play. Reconnect and reinstall does not help. It was first heppened after entering Amrine yesterday and still the same now.

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Same problem, this server is unplayable.

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i have the same problem on damalis server. Mobs are standing still, if someone hits them I see with a wild delay the reduction of hp. New World Server Damalis - YouTube

I have same problems. Server Damalis, Everfall location

We are going to restart the world in ~10 minutes (around 9:50am PT - 6:50pm CEST).


Thanks for the swift reponse & action

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Thank you

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Brilliant. fingers and toes crossed.

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when will Erewhon be playable again.

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Another big THX for the quick response.
Hope you can fix it!

do u have information when damalias will be available?

thanks for the quick response

A similar problem


When killing mobs, he does not see them, but the models remain, the mobs remain in place or disappear, and at the same time he kills you invisible, the problem began after your patch.

The same problem with invisible mobs, quests are simply impossible to complete

played yesterday everything was fine but today can´t see or kill mobs

The Town board in Everfall is now bugged after the restart. Can only see the bottom 3 projects but i could get the rewards for projects that i completed but couldnt see. I had the “complete all missions” button available and it said i would get 0 everything but when i clicked i got 800xp and some coins.

Hey Tosch!
We’ve got the same problem at Zu-Vendis, could we get a restart too?