Dark Vengeance - Void Gauntlet

Does Dark Vengeance still drop and has anyone gotten it lately or has it been removed? I thought it was in Las or Gen?


I am also wondering Dark Vengence is still available. As I have checked the fansite, it’s from the chest but I don’t have any luck yet.

It was from a loot bug on day 1 mutations.They were accidentally added into the loot pools for mut laz.It’s an extremely rare drop from the “world” loot pool.You can’t farm it and it doesn’t drop in lazarus anymore.

Your only hope is to check the trading post for a 590gs one and upgrade it to 600.Someone who doesn’t know what they have might’ve put one up for cheap.

Never seen one…
why does everything named (great axes, hammers, spears, rapiers, bows, ice gauntlet etc.) drop in the dungeons but no named void gauntlet.
That need to be fixed.
Its really sad, that as heal, void player you have no chance to farm a good one in the world, bcs. no dungeon and no named boss drop a named one.

Whats stats on it?

i’ve seen it at Camelot. Someone tried to sell it at 30k. Seems it droped from elite chest.

Lifesteal, blessed, refreshing move focus/con.

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