Date for update on Non PTR

Whats the date for the next update on Non PTR servers?


i would also like to know

Sometime between now and February 28th.

can we have a date so we can tell all our friends to come back to the game? :smiley:

:man_shrugging:. They said Feb


Right? I’m anxiously awaiting atleast a release date. If they said it’s the 28th thats fine but atleast let us know.

There has been no official words on anything for 3 or 4 days. Meanwhile there are a lot of issues they need to address from the server transfer catastrophy to patch release date.

This silence is scary.

didnt the last monthly drop on thursday? thats my guess

it should be today

when are you going to fix the retail character log in ???

whats wrong with character login?

ah last one was on a tuesday. heres hoping :smiley:

Could we please have an exact date @Kay @Luxendra ?

Approx 6 days :joy:

You’ll get a 10-min notice in the middle of your M10 Laz run.


Tell them March 1st

Thursday is Patchday

no its wednedays, always has been

No that’s wrong. Wednesday is mergeday.

Probably you are in an other timezone.

It’s really ashame that such a game with great potential was neglected and we have to scrape the forums to get any sort of hope or reason to continue on playing the game. Almost feel like all this game is just a game made to make that initial sale and then left for lost ark as resources are thin. I don’t believe it’s so hard to give us a roadmap or an update date to look forward to. On the other hand it’s things like this and lack of organization or clarity that has brought the game literally on its knees. From 1 million to 30K.