(DAU/MAU FIX) The needed change, that will change new world

We need this change. This is massive for player DAU/MAU and fighting poor retention rates.

  • Players leaving a company should return to factionless state
  • while in a company the player belongs to that faction and gets access to its faction vendor
  • upon joining a new company they obtain a 3 day war timer period
  • companies may change factions every 60-90 days

This change enables the player to always have access to other company options.

It fixes a serious problem in the game namely:

  • Player A joins “company a” is unhappy
  • Player a Leaves “company a” and changes factions
  • Player A is invited to join “company b”
  • Player A is unhappy with “company b” and decides to leave
  • Player A is Stuck on a faction that cannot offer any social interaction
  • Player A eventually leaves the game out of the lack of socialization or ability to find content with others at similar progression levels.

bump this since it was done over the weekend.