Day 1: Revert Nullify Oblivion changes

You can make everyone that got caught invulnerable in roots now, keep rapier broken, keep the bow strong but AGS please listen when I say the nullify changes were for the worst. I’d argue the CC were for the worst too because every class could escape it if they had a brain, my nan could walk out of gravity wells now but that’s probably too big for you to revert now, just make oblivion stop sacred again, I’m sure these guys with built in refreshing move perks, Will of the Ancients and their 4 second cooldown sacreds can handle it. Let us punish clumps again, everyone can live forever now and you either need insane burst or a group to kill 1 guy in a sacred or a healer killer. The meta is now be tanky as possible and zerg point and spam shift, this isn’t healthy at all. REVERT NULLIFY FOR SACRED, SINCERELY A BRUISER THAT CAN’T KILL ANYONE SOLO.

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Lol the meta is certainly not “be as tanky as possible”

its quite the opposite.