Day 15: Nerf the Great Axe Lunge Distance | AGS, keep ignoring us

Reduce the ridiculous 7-8 body length Great Axe lunge distance on both light and heavy attacks. Not even abilities on other weapons have this strong lunge, let alone auto attacks. In PVP, I see GA users literally just leaping and teleporting from one person to another. There is little to no counterplay to this, as even light armor rolls are still within distance. 3 medium dodges do not go far away.

Here it is in distance markers based on the number of body lengths of a New World character:

P.S. AGS, I have way more patience than you think. I will keep posting this until you response and fix your broken game.


How many others on AGS play the same build? If have many there that play the game.


This is honestly silly - you should spend more time playing the game and less time complaining about it.


OP obviously doesn’t get how huge of an advantage light users would have over melee if lunge was reduced.

They obviously don’t play at the skill ceiling or near it.


You act as if the GA doesn’t have the best gap closing skills even without the lunge distance…


Vs slows, stuns, collision, and invul states? You act like mages/dex don’t have tools to deal with it.

The vids in OP statement is one dimensional without considering all the other aspects.

Dex could use some work, but it’s not a gap/kite issue.


Totally agree with that. GA should be nerfed. I can see this mechanic for spear for example, but not for heavy-two handed weapon that supposed to have big but slow dammage. It’s not fine at all. AGS should fix that asap.


Show me one stun from any ranged weapon.

Gravity well is a death sentence for any light gear user. Simple as that.
Then you have the 200 meter sprint on GA, the pull back, AND the lunge.
Even with triple rolls, and using the Bow jump back spell, I can’t escape a GA user.

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Is a root not a stun. Try again?


GA is just a bunch of spam left click brainless skill gap … 0 skill needed, way less work input than many other weapons, they go heavy, running like light armor gear with GA passive + al lits mobility + gap closer skills, completely broken, add to this a hatchet, and the guy can literally chase down what ever and who ever he wants untill oblivion, and dont forget the huge tankiness he has, making it simply unkillable, meanwhile regenerating his HP without any kind of counter healing mechanic in any skill on any weapon.

Oh, so thats why literally 0,001 % play GA with Hatchet.

Maybe you shoukld try that combo before talking about it.

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Rapier Reposte
Ice Gauntlet Ice Shower
Musket Power Shot
Hammer Shockwave
Spear Javeline
Spear Sweep

You also have movement abilities to juke
Rapier Fletche
Firestaff Dash

This is on top of light/med dodge cancels.


Any well timed dodge, esp dodge light cancel or dodge + movement skill can get you out of or completely avoid Gravity well. Not to mention the windup and limited range of gravity.

Learn to dodge cancel and/or how to properly use movement options, then come back to this discussion.

They arent nerfing the great axe anytime soon, they just buffed it.

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Pff give me a break, you can use firestaff dash all you want and a GA user can simply use their own dash to catch right up to you within seconds not to mention run 30% faster with bloodlust.

Apparently your idea of a fun game is everyone who isnt playing GA to just run for their life.
Just admit the fact that the stupid GA is way unbalanced and EVERYONE knows it.

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Nerf melee weapons because you suck at kiting? Maybe don’t fight a great axe at melee range, you will have a easier time.


Every game has their own version of the ‘noob’ weapon, so that mentally challenged and / or physically impaired people can also participate in the game. This game has the great axe.


Wow nice opinion its so original, lol funny meme haha do you also browse reddit thats epic