Day 15: Nerf the Great Axe Lunge Distance | AGS, keep ignoring us

In this post we belive, in the nerf we belive, in AGS we dont belive !

Lol maybe don’t fight a great axe. You lost all credibility.

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Reading comprehension non-existent for you?

I get that there are only a few ranged players making content, but there are good ones out there.

Before IG got the nerf bat, any half decent mage could trash a high skill melee. Managing CDs is a big part of the game.

OP and many others view game balance on a 1v1 or small scale PvP, this is a large scale PvP game. Wars are the defining aspect of the game…when they aren’t a lag fest.

No one runs bloodlust in OPR or WARs and if they do, they are missing a lot of cleave damage. Even in OPR, you should be going in with a self sufficient team.

GA has to use 2 skills (charge+gravity well) to catch light armor, if they know how to dodge. This is why FS/RA is very strong in small scale pvp/opr, it gives all the options to manage melee.

You and OP need to reevaluate your playstyle and better consider the base format PvP is balanced on. It’s not 1v1 or 5v5.


Actually the skill floor and skill ceiling of GA is quite vast. Just 80% or more of GA players play it like shit.

Just like 80% or more ranged players don’t know how to kite or use movement abilities to juke.

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Don’t fight against great axe bro.

Or like all 374736274848 threads asking to nerf great axe lunge they could just nerf great axe lunge like all the 3636475849263 threads and posts suggest.

But hey this guy thinks you should git gud.

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When 15/20 enemies are using great axe in opr… Don’t fight them. Ignore 75 % of the enemy team and just win, duh.

Don’t fight great axe bro lololololol

People defending lunge distance should not played any other weapons before. I played ga, and still playing it time to time on OPR s when i see lots of ranged as opponent. Lunge makes it stupidly easy with grit. No skill required, just a good axe.

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read english words, very hard

Bro did you fight the great axe.

Lunge charge gravity well just don’t fight them. Only 75% of the enemy is great axe. Just find a corner of the map and hide all match.

Did not fight the great axe

You’re stupid and not clever.

And also now blocked

cry ?

Exactly. Braindead no skill giant lunge auto target auto attack left click.

when you are ranged, what is the difference?! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I never played GA. Is this the basic AA? wth is that… looks so wrong.

Riposte stuns, but is easily dodged.

Ice Shower can still be jumped out of, or just dodged through.

Power shot is a knock back not a stun.

Shockwave is a stun, and low and behold is Hammer.

Javeline is a knockdown.

Sweep is a knockdown.

The differences between stun, root, knockdown, etc, and how long they last, are extremely important in PvP.

Fire staff dash can be canceled by any ability, any heavy auto from light or ranged weapons, and any auto from 2 handed weapons, as well as shield block.

I can tell you failed to read considering I AM a top PvPer and know how to animation cancel a dodge.

Go back and read the entire convo with context, then retry the discussion. Your intimate lack of Cd timers and CC types show cases your low pvp skill bracket.

GA/Hammer + heavy combo has the highest movement, highest DPS, highest CC, highest resistances, and second highest sustain in the game. That’s absolutely absurd and not okay.

Like I’ve said to everyone else, you wanna debate this we can go MOVE FOR MOVE through any other weapon combo versus GA and see who wins. (Hint it’s the GA).

Seriously, don’t come on here attempting to flaunt yourself and your knowledge when you don’t even know the difference between a stun and a knock back or a knock down.



This guy being dumb again.

Dude, why do you people consistently think heavy armor has less mobility than light armor? The movement speed is THE SAME.

You cannot kite A REAL GA player, and the skill expression on GA is non-existent, further proof you’ve never played at a high skill in any game.

Go watch Xaryu’s 30 duels against GA with IG. Brain dead if you think GA is okay.

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I have full 600gs sets for all builds (minus healing).

I play with all of them. (Except GS/wh/musket now)

GA is busted.

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Lol you cite a mediocre player.

All I mentioned can break and stop GA momentum.

I’m not even going to take you seriously. Keep making excuses instead of just playing better. Again your viewing it as 1v1 and not 20v20, 50v50, or anything more than small scale fights.

This game isn’t balanced around 1v1. Even 5v5 isn’t balanced, at the end of the day its about coordination just as much as individual skill.

Expecting the game to be balanced around 1v1 or small scale would ruin large scale PvP. I’m not here to play BDO.

Get real smh

GA is actually balanced - New World Forums.